How about picking up GEMS?

I’ve got pets, companions, etc. picking everything up for me, but I can’t seem to get anyone to pick up gems. Am I missing something, or just exposing my laziness?

Yeah legit concern but get this; why do you click at monsters? You have Followers, can’t they kill them for you? Jokes aside, by picking up materials and gems from the ground, you make a tradeoff between your buffs to push ahead and picking up stuff to sink your cooldowns. That struggle keeps the already easy farming sequence interesting and keeps you playing the game. Without that flow breaks like picking up stuff, you’d be burnt away faster than you imagine and flow would be one simple model akin to Greater Rifts at every game mode.

Any material and gems will be vaccuumed to you from 20-40 yards or something, so all you had to do was clicking once per type of material. This shouldn’t bother you this much unless you get burnt out from all those clicking. Try to bind Force Move on your mousewheel slides, so clicking won’t be nervewracking this much. If you don’t want to pick up stuff, nothing is forced but remember that farming Greater Rifts, where you don’t pickup anything until the very end, you’d be rewarded much better.

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Funny, because I remember you making the exact same argument when people asked for auto-loot of certain materials or pets to pick up dbs.

Auto-looting of tedious materials is considered by just about everyone playing the game to be a positive. TBH, loosing it in S29 was one of the big reasons that the player count was down so much (paragon cap being the other huge contributor).

Picking gems is a tedious task. You click and it doesn’t even go where you can see it. It is just added to a counter in the mats tab same as dbs, parts, crystals, souls, etc. Adding gems to the items that the pets loots will do nothing to hurt MAU’s.

Because it’s the game flow. I remember attending to the gamejam development of Wyatt Cheng and when asked a similar question in the stream, he personally mentioned the “struggle” that player needs to confront to keep it interesting. Take my word or not. There’s a reason they kept some of the materials to be picked up by the player.

Now now, they can’t take all of the clickity click fun away!


Gems go into your inventory, not into the mats tab.


Yups. My bad. Was sleep typing before my nap.

And because a Dev says it doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. I can list 20 things from Vanilla that were bad choices they went with that were removed the game or dramatically changed.

Is lack auto-looting gems a game breaker for me? No. But, I doubt it will hurt the game or drop MAU’s if it is added.

Just because you play a game or even play it good, doesn’t mean you understand the design intentions of the game either. Developers are veterans in the industry for a reason.

I can do the same but major things changed until now. For example, in classic Diablo 3 even identifying items were slow and everything had to be identified individually just so Auction House market doesn’t get overflown.

It has little to do with MAU but the engagement and burdening the player’s response. Breaks in the pace not supposed to infuriate the player but give them a small trade off to consider on decisions. That kind of anger response means one may have already burnt out from clicking away in combat and may need a break or an efficient approach.

Speedbuilds, supposed to lose something when going at full speed and that’s such small pickups. They can decide to pick stuff up, but that means, they will lose some momentum and buff duration while doing so; they can skip to pickup the item to push with cooldowns but that means they decided to ditch the item at the cost of efficiency.
That’s a drawback and keeps the game engagement balanced on the scale of build diversity. When using a speedbuild turns out to be the best thing at T16 farming once you get rid of the loot pickups; how do you imagine things change? This at the long run could be bad for build diversity.

The backbone of social interaction is the public group plays in this game and with each player don’t have to deal inputs to pickup anything would make speed builds superior over everything else. In that case, everyone will ask you to have a speedbuild which is not really a thing most players consider. People usually keep their push builds to farm in public games because why would you use a speedbuild in a public game when you already farm really efficient in solo? That’d be a dilemma.

Automating everything has also downsides such as making botters benefit from similar features the most. Just because a botter is running across the fields, doesn’t mean they auto pickup everything from yards away, they have to position if they need to pickup stuff. You all asking to make them faster and rewarded for it further. Because bots exist, I wouldn’t dare to ask for something that would benefit their existence further or automate any inputs. There has to be a backdraw and this is still having to pick up some of the loot.

Additionally, pets picking up these many items will have downsides on the player because they have to wait for them to pick up things one by one in big loot drops. You wait for them to pick up gems, Veiled Crystals, Arcane Dust, Reusable Parts, salvage magical items then rare items and finally hoard DBs… Then what do you think players gonna complain about? They will find pets too slow and demand to pick up everything automatically or demand two pets at once like each entity is not a burden for server to consider.

As if nobody is playing a loot simulator, they don’t want to pickup loot. People will complain just about anything so they can vent on and on about it in the forums. It’s funny to me that people take everything serious without thinking twice.

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And after 35 years working in one industry what I saw was because you have a position does not mean you are an expert at it, or even good at it. I have worked with a ton of long time management that had as much business sense as an entry level newbie. Like I said, because they say it or do it, doesn’t mean it is a good decision.

There always needs to be a balance between the effort in doing something and the reward. Too much effort for too little reward and the task becomes a chore. Gems and other mats have virtually no individual intrinsic value. It takes a ton of them to make something useful.

Like I said, I don’t see the lack of gem auto-looting game breaking, but if it is added to the game, it won’t hurt it.

And this was the same argument you made numerous times in the past to which I have responded to numerous times. I have already responded to this same series of reasoning many times before, so I won’t now. I will ask you a couple of questions, though:

Did adding the Altar DB pickup and mat auto-salvaging destroy the game or enhance it?
Has it ruined everyone’s fun?
Has it ruined the in-game socialization?
Has it caused a boon to botting?
Has it ruined build diversity?

Usually development teams consist of more than one people to take crucial decisions. You share what you noticed from individuals. It’s not entirely the same thing; you may not like an individual or their leadership at the job but what you are criticizing here is the collective decision of many. You may not like someone processing what they perceived to be the solution, but I’m telling you this is the result from many because it worked.

Welcome to modern game design. Everything is a chore just to get engagement from players. This Season Journey didn’t even promise any pet, right?

You only need to pick up about 81 Imperial gems to craft 3 Flawless Royal gems so you can augment your item. I don’t think this is meaningless or taking too much space.
While Parts, Dust and Crystals are low grade materials; DBs and Horadric Bounty materials are apparently medium grade. Those used in crafting some fantastic Sets such as Guardian’s, Aughild’s or Crimson’s. There are also Forgotten Souls that can be considered as high grade material but still drop in bulk. I have no issues if I meant to pick them up by clicking if it ensures me a reroll or reforge.

We wouldn’t know that. For example, in my opinion you are removing decision making slowly from the game but from your view, a tweak wouldn’t kill the game which may stand true to a degree.
I foresee that change eventually would budge the build diversity to disrupt the balance. When developers would like to keep speedbuilds in check, they just to ensure they miss something if they commit pushing forward. This way decision making and small efforts make or break their planned reward flow. Sure, anyone can pick up gold and bloodshards by walking over them, because those currencies require luck or struggle to reward you instead of guaranteed crafts in given examples.

It enhanced the game but mind you, there was a limit. Death’s Breathe and low grade items come across player way too many times, so they just made it to not waste time.
This way people paid attention to the plenty of Season buffs that are short in duration, such as Triune circles or absorb from health globe. This way, even at mediocre farming gameplay benefit from them the most.

Gems and crafting materials with varying grades are rarer sights compared to magical, normal, rare items and Death’s Breath bottles. Yet, they offer you guaranteed rewards when stacked. Game design seems to be consistent to its core; it offered you new buffs to benefit in combat but gave you occassional help to keep your attention.

Meanwhile, in Diablo Immortal…

…your hero just has to walk over loot and materials for them to go into their Inventory. A couple of patches ago, they introduced familiars (combat pets) and the pets auto-pickup gear items, gold, monstrous orbs (collecting 10 unlocks pages the in-game Bestiary), crafting materials and so on. The most recent patch changed familiar behaviour to increase the speed of the familiars, precisely so they can do this on-floor collecting stuff quicker. After your hero has killed a pack of mobs, and they’re moving to the next pack, the familiar’s picking up the loot from the first pack. This means the hero spends more time being a rampaging killing machine and less time sweeping up like a janitor. It literally means the flow is entirely about the hero killing demons.

Having played Immortal for over a year and a half now, whenever I come back for a bit of Diablo III, it’s incredibly tedious to have to click on stuff to pick it up because I’ve gotten used to not having to do so.


You don’t auto-pickup Legendary/Set items and with the Altar in Diablo 3, Pets already salvage every low grade item they can reach.
There’s a grade difference between magical, common and rare items, while they’re also inferior to unique bound ones such as Set pieces and Legendaries. As a result, there’s a grade difference between Forgotten Souls and rest of the crafting materials too. Game just want you to pick up worthy items and I think Augments and Reforges are good reasons for them to keep this flow.

That means Diablo Immortal design has different goals than Diablo 3. For starters; one is mobile oriented and one has a PC/console audience; I know both of them can be played with keyboard but that is NOT part of the issue.
D:I is vastly different than D3 in combat design at its core; look at its PvP or any other gameplay mode. When you cast a skill it even has a different user interface for them, showcasing how it handles skill durations and resources “different”. When you consider D:I lacks some key notes that Diablo 3 has to offer to make tradeoffs distinctive, you can imagine how it would differ from Diablo 3.

If this apply, that will happen eventually. I just think this change could be bad for build diversity now that public bounties will evolve into speedbuild galore when nothing bounds you back. D:I has challenges that revolve around PvP; D3 has nothing of sorts to induce some build diversity.
I believe there’s a reason why Altar stopped at DB pickup and item salvage. Designers clearly wanted to keep some of this flow breaks in the game without funnelling everyone into “one true build”.

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Do you remember how often we were told by Blizzard that auto-pickup of anything was bad and they wanted you to click on items to pick them up, then they changed their mind and the altar makes this possible? This quality of life was one of the main reasons that players were so happy to hear that the Altar was coming to non-seasonal, and why they were so disappointed when Blizzard changed their minds and didn’t give it to them.

Heck, some of the rarer traits on the DI familiars are Remote Identify (your familiar can identify any set / legendary items you’ve picked up rather than having to go back to a town hub’s identifier NPC) and Remote Salvage (your familiar can salvage white / blue / yellow / legendary / set items that you’ve picked up rather than having to go back a town hub’s blacksmith). They’re literally making it more and more possible for the player to do what they enjoy, i.e. kill bad guys, by minimising how often the player has to break off from that to return to town to empty their bags / identify stuff.

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And groups are made up of individuals. They make good decisions and bad decisions. Like I said, look at the history of D3, they have made a lot of good decisions, but they have also made a ton of really bad decisions.

so crafting gems one at a time was good idea and it worked?
so identifying rare items one at a time was a good idea and it worked?

Like I said, because they went a certain way in development does not mean it was a good idea or worked.

Well, the vast majority of time Imperials don’t fall it is regular gems, so 243 which is a lot of clicking to get 1 augment for 1 piece of gear. On top of it, the gems are a secondary reagent, the big one is legendary gem/Atonement which takes some work to get it to the point you want it.


Back when we were having the arguments about pets picking up dbs, your argument against it was it was important to have to click on dbs all day because they can give you a guaranteed legendary with “upgrade rare” cube recipe. Now they are no big deal? What has changed pre-Altar and post-Altar?

Ah, the phones guy. I find it really condescending how these devs tell us they know better how we have fun playing than we plebs know ourselves.
And doesn’t D4 auto pickup gems? It definitely auto pickups some things and nobody ever said that’s why the game sucks.

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The thing about Naksiloth is that he’s a lot like Bravata in most ways. He thinks he knows more than he does, and his posts are guaranteed to suck people into huge, lengthy arguments that serve absolutely no purpose and never leave even a remotely positive impact on the forums, the game, or any community surrounding either of those things.

The only real difference is Bravata usually limits his inane ramblings to one or two paragraphs, usually on the opening post. Whereas Nak writes entire dissertations because his M.O. is to think the more words you type, the more valid your points are.


It slowed down the market, prevented it from flooding with items. Those time wasters allowed player to apply sort of filter on what you need to sell, salvage or keep. It may seem meaningless now, but there was a purpose of them doing it years ago. When they removed Auction House and mitigated the frame where you can exchange items, they had no reason whatsoever to keep this slow pace anymore.

I still stand with that, just they ended up increasing DB loot to the point of no return with Seasonal Altar and power surge from its theme. Game already had potential to double DB loot and average player power at base values was balanced enough to justify that, as seen in non-Seasonal.

However, when you amplify the average power in the Seasonal, also double DB loot with another multiplier things may seem outta hand. So it is justified for them to do such change on their own mind. People just wanted loot to rain from the sky, instead of that they chose to make it more accessible. You can tell me I was wrong when reading between the lines, but then I can easily point at non-Seasonal however.

This is what changed; Altar also added extra DB loot, making its worth insignificant and amplified base power instead of just pushing base power forward like previous Seasons. This obviously increased the DB loot you can have per minute by farming compared to Seasons that came before that. Just like Market that forced them to slow you down doesn’t exist today anymore, things have changed in Seasonal.

Yep, him. He also the head game designer of Diablo 3 as far as I remember.
When Blizzard accumulated so much microtransactions from D3 MTX shop in China, they had no choice but invest that money in there. Because by local laws, you can’t push any profit you gained from China to abroad. This is how Diablo Immortal came to be developed when they asked their stockholders in China to help them.

I wouldn’t know as I don’t play that game. However, I know that Diablo 4 and D:I have PvP challenges so they can still induce build diversity even though they encourage player to move fast forward. Same thing does not apply for Diablo 3 where speedbuilds are simply superior for the purpose of farming, but not everyone should be shoehorned into it. What I’m simply telling is that D4, D:I and D3 are different games with different goals in design.

I just like to cover everything so you’d have little to no trash argument against it. If I can make you ask questions or come up with something evident, then I’m okay with that. If you don’t read a damn but still demand things to go your way, I just remind you that world doesn’t revolve around you.

Being a developer is not an easy task; you have to consider many variables at once and come with a theoretical models before deciding what works. Have you ever asked why developers stopped at picking up DBs and salvaging common items to materials? Try to ponder on that question for example without blaming anyone. If you want to impress developers, I reckon they already have their answers given by their teams, so it’s not about me. But I believe explaining how this change would not impact build diversity negatively can help your cause.

Except you’re assuming we’re starting with salient points. Your arguments are, literally, in every single debate I’ve seen you start, LITERALLY just you typing 5,000 words to say “I am an amateur programmer/dev and this is my personal opinion.”

That’s literally the only thing you’ve ever done on this entire forums. You type your opinion, quite verbosely, and then dismiss call outs as “trash arguments.”

For example, I can counter your entire purpose in this entire thread with one single sentence:

Developers are human beings, who often make mistakes.

That’s it. That’s all I had to do. And now your argument is completely ruined. Because you’re arguing from the perspective of “devs know what they’re doing” and that’s a :poop: take. If it weren’t a :poop: take then it would stand to reason that literally every single game ever designed, has always had perfect design. Because devs always know best for their game(s). Right?

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That stands true, I won’t dare to deny this. Alternative of that saying would be:

Development is a subjective matter

Each developer has their own opinion but they usually filter that by the help of their team, but result is still subjective to a degree when there are more than one solution to the same problem. Balancing the classes and keeping that flavor of the month build at the top, can include some arbitrary choices. Each class have at least one fundamental designer, do you think their personal opinions don’t get up into the mix? It does.

Trash arguments as in “Blizzard doesn’t play their own game”; no, they certainly do and playtest it regularly. Otherwise we wouldn’t have those tweaks addressing the issues of community and balance. Or, let’s look at “Blizzard is lazy and doesn’t understand the game”; no, they’re not lazy, they love this game and cared about it along the decade.

They may have mishaps on the surface but it’s because their design have been based on statistics and metrics collected. They did that because this is what worked in a mass scale to keep the builds diverse and interesting.

Just because they silently denied you for a while, doesn’t mean they don’t understand your frustration, nor don’t care. What you perceived as laziness may have other reasons behind it because I refuse to believe they are just careless as you might assume. When you grow so vast, your response might have automated and seem out of touch, that doesn’t mean you don’t care about your game or the community.

Incorrect. Multiple gem crafting came in Patch 1.08, almost a full year before the AH’s were closed. Before even that, Book of Cain was added, so we wouldn’t have to identify rares and legendaries one at a time. If these time gaters where there to slow down the marked, they would not have been removed.

Besides, crafting gems and identifying items one at a time had no impact on market speed. You could only list like 10 items at a time. That was the real bottleneck.

Crafting gems and identifying items one at a time were time sinks for the sake of time sinks. The only purpose they were implemented was to make the player play longer and increase MAUs.

So, by doubling the dbs, it made them insignificant. Now it is OK to be auto-looted where it shouldn’t have been before. Following this logic, when they added Broken Crown to drop double the gems, they then became insignificant and should have been auto-looted.