Horrible Latency in Americas region

You can run the recommended troubleshooting, a DXDiag and a WinMTR and start your own thread.

I have 1000-3000ms latency in Americas last days cant play…
Sometimes 130-200ms

Hello, is anyone going to fix the disconnection issue?

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Do not revive old posts. The issues reported in them do not likely have the same causes as issues you may be experiencing now.

If you cannot find a currently active thread with symptoms matching what you are asking for assistance with, create a new post with the description of the issue in the title and details of the issue along with network and system info in the body.

Example information would include things like basic system build information, connection data like the kind the OP of this particular post used. screenshots, error codes, crash ids etc…

These forums are for community based troubleshooting of technical issues so the more information you can provide, the more likely you will receive assistance with your issue.

Alternately you can submit a ticket for your issue for direct Blizzard Support by clicking the support button at the top of this page and then clicking Contact Support.