Hoodlum Doggz Clan (Community Clan Based)

D3 + D4 Clan being established through out the wait of D4.
Our goal is to build a team for Diablo to withstand the lord of destruction’s terror.

We will go over ways to get items together, discuss builds and work as a team.
I’ve got history of administrating for servers on Rust, [HD] Hoodlum Doggz has been around for awhile as a clan based squad. Were fairly small and looking to expand so come make a name for yourself through Diablo + [HD]

Edit: We’ve made 75+ members so far within only 1 month and 1/2!. That means are roster is half full. Come join us as we await Season 28 + D4

[Discord Community ClanPage] discord.gg vMrzd8Zqbn