Holy shield...Opinions?

What did everyone think of the new holy shield?

This was the best pic I could find. When I saw it on my Pally this weekend it had more and larger tendrils. I felt like a Cthulu Pally…Personally I think the glowing tendrils are a bit much.

Anyone have better pics of their pally using HS?

Cthuldins are the best. There need be more chthonic visuals.

I think it’s really beautiful, and at the same time very close and faithful to the original. I usually don’t like shields on any character. It looks kinda rough and too big, but this one is perfect and really make the paladin shine as a holy warrior.

The tendril like things could be replaced by some kind of small holy flames or some kind of halo, but it’s really a minor thing and I love it the way it is. Great job once again on the new visuals.

Im actually not a fan of the new sheild. I wish they would have stayed true to the original holy sheild and just improved the graphic. I watched some gameplay where a paladin was using a full body sheild and it didnt actually turn the sheild into this “holy sheild”. It almost felt like it had put this enchantment with a glowing cross on the front, which technically I guess it is an enchantment but, that was not the fantasy I had felt through my years of playing. That spell used to morph an ordinary sheild into this devine sheild that felt like a piece of armor only and angel could use. I cant be the only one who feels this way? I just don’t think this new visual does the old one justice. Maybe it’ll be reconsidered.

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love it. im not a fan of the old one. looks underwhelming to me. the new shield is great.^^