Holiday Update Not Live on PC?

I hear that console players received the update and are dropping gifts. No PC players Ive talked to have received the update yet. Any other PC players experiencing this?

PC players dont waste your keys or puzzle rings just yet lol

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already wasted like 50 primal puzzle rings, thought it was the drop rate sucks


I wasted one before realizing, “I don’t think bnet downloaded an update yet?”

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I play switch and didn’t have the update


Maybe not live on Switch yet then either. I know Xbox and PS players did receive one though.

Must just be PC and Switch

We are having some deploy issues on PC right now. Switch will be getting it a bit further down the line.

Xbox and PS are live right now. Will update once PC is live. Sorry about this all!


no problem thank you for the response!

and we all think Diablo 4’s launch will be bug free

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No update ! yet here it is 3:12 pm Eastern

The community buff is showing Angelic Crucibles as the event buff, but those are the current season theme. Seems the theme was duplicated via the event buff.

Edit: If indeed the event buff really is currently angelic crucibles, here’s a nifty holiday thought: Keep it and add the intended event buff on top of it. Doubled crucible drops + event buff = crazy fun time and actually makes hunting for those transmogs a lot nicer. With how long in the tooth the season is at this point, it’d be a welcome buff for sure.

hi there. any news here when we can expect the event to be live on PC?

We’ll hear back when they have it deployed. Just have to wait it out.

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Hello, is the game under maintenance? Cant access the game, it says “the game assets and the server dont match”

That means a client patch is required. Previous one was 84161. New patch is 86197


oh lol, as soon as I posted, that patch just popped up when it didn’t earlier. Thanks!

It gave me the stuff for pre-ordering D4 but the event isnt up yet

The event is up. I just got a holiday gift. Happy Hunting!

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Does the torment increase the chance of the gift dropping?

I got the feat of strength for preordering DIV but wing and pet are not added in my wardarobe,anyone else has the same ?

Can’t create a private game.

D3 servers are busy.

Average wait time 1 second, yet…