Hey is Diablo 4 a one time payment?

Like no bs like monthly payments? I do like the diablo games but i heard some say it’s monthly payments and some say it ain’t can anyone tell me which one it is?

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It’s easy to find out yourself. Just click on the D4 links and see the options. And read about the game.

To play the game it’s a one time expense, you however have a seasonal pass that requires payment each season if you want to unlock the cosmetic rewards it offers. The pass however is entirely optional, you don’t miss any game play by not buying it.

some cosmetics are not free after you purchase the game, but everything else is, at least for now.


I’m more interested in lore though i do wonder if the ashbringer’s in the game too

Yes. Unless you want skins. They sell skins (which is pretty wack).

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I don’t care about skins that much but thanks a lot :slight_smile:

The game itself, yes.
Expansions won’t.
No monthly fees.

There are in game cosmetics to buy, but that is not a requirement to actually do.