Help w/ Build Please


I am having trouble what stats to put on gear. Could you please look over my build and make suggestions. I am not sure if more CDR benefits from Crimson’s, how about % dmg on weapon, area dmg, etc?

Thank you so much.

Oh man… Really? The stats are pretty staight. It has always been a mistake to roll % dmg on wpns for monks (ok, sub 6k para maybe) simply since its 5%. cdr and rcr get buffed by cc set. simply mass it to get more def and off. Nothing wrong with overdoing it.
Its only important to be 100% epi uptime and 100% TRing. anything else choose what YOU want not what we say. Roll LoH if you need some. Go for massive AD to clear big groups faster. Stack cdr or rcr for more def.
With your items and para you should at least be able to clear a 120. And with 3k para you should know what to roll…