Help needed about a reroll on a Shield of the Steed for Thorns Bombardment

Hi all,

I have just found a Shield of the Steed that is playable on my Thorns Bombardment build, as it would leave me with only 1 bad roll – which is not that bad for a start. I would like to ask your advice on the reroll as I have no clue whether I should go for 20% AoE or for up to 7696 Thorns (as it is not an ancient shield)…

Here is how it rolls:

  • 649 Strength

  • CHC increased by 9,5%

  • Coolred: 7%

  • Increases Bombardment damage by 15%

  • 148 Physical resistance

  • 6 Maximum Wrath

Do you think that I should get rid of CHC in favor of AoE, or of Maximum Wrath in favor of Thorns?

Many thanks!

P.S.: I would usually go on D3Planner for that kind of things but as I have never played a Thorns build before, I am kind of lost as I cannot rely on the “damage” line…

Drop CHC for 8% damage to Elites or 20% Area Damage (not sure, can this shield have area damage?).

Thank you!

Yes, it can have both damage to Elites bonus and Area Damage.

There is also the defensive option which is +11% Block chances…

If you have Akarat’s Awakening in the cube, then yes, definitely go for the block chance.

I’m starting to feel squishy so I’ll go for the block chances.

Thanks for the advice!

If i were you, i 'd go for area damage. You really need to stack area damage in this build. Especially if you don’t have it in some of your other gear, like shoulders. In my shield i don’t have thorns and i am sitting at 290 k thorns right now and i am guessing adding another 9 k thorns isn’t going to make all the difference in the world.