Help i can't get to rift 75

Hello can someone tell me what is problem with my character , i stuck at rift 50 max , i tried everything … Can someone tell me what to do to get to rift 75 … Please Help :frowning:

This is character…

The weapon / quiver you’re using isn’t providing benefit to the build and you’re not using Hungering Arrow / Devouring Arrow along with The Ninth Cirri Satchel.

More information…


You suggest I use this Hungering Arrow , and i need better arrow and quiever ?? Or just quiever thank you for your help .

There are multiple issues. You need a different bow and quiver. Also the rings are not reaaly helpful that you have equiped.Y ou can also check out the guide here where you will nee to think if you need a solo push build or speed build.

Diablo III Season 22 GoD Hungering Arrow DH Guide -

Is it hard to find this equipment ? What is easiest way to find all of this ?

For GR75, you will need The Ninth Cirri Satchel instead of your current quiver. Don’t look at the green or red numbers when comparing it to your current quiver. Just get a Cirri and have fun at much higher GR.

It should be quite easy to get. Gamble quivers at Kadala, and if you have enough crafting mats, upgrade the yellow quivers in the cube.

For even higher GR (100+), you will need also the other items mentioned in the guides. But the quiver should be enough for GR75. This should be your top priority.

Edit: Permanent Vengeance is also quite important, as it helps to survive. Try to get a Dawn, or use Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac. After that you should focus on Hunters Wrath and Depth Diggers and the other ring set, Focus and Restraint.

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Thank you my friend i will try this .

I happen to realise that you are using hexing pants in your Kanai’s cube armor. That slot is better used for something with a better uptime such as Hunter’s Wrath.

Alternatively, you might want to switch out your current Blackthorne’s belt while farming for a Depth’s Diggers to give you a 100% damage multiplier.

Remember, your main damage is HA and not so much or even at all from Strafe, so prioritise gears that boost primary or generator damage.

the problem is you made a DH, blizzard clearly want everyone to play Necro or Crusader. I strongly suggest you just re-roll one of those and you will be much happier as those 2 will never get nerfed.

But if i use DEPTH DIGGERS pants i will lose 10k bonus dmg because i will replace bonus set item … ???

Ah yes, I forgotten about the infamous RoRG which becomes almost one of the core build items for any classes (aside from LoD and LoN).

Usually, a GoD DH uses Depth Diggers in the cube, and Hunters Wrath as a belt. Currently, you have Hunters Wrath in cube and belt slot, which doesn’t stack and therefore doesn’t make sense.

Another advice: Use a Diamond in your helm, not an Amethyst. You need the CDR for a higher uptime of Vengeance. :wink:

But it seems you completed GR75 multiple times now, congratulations! Now GR 100 will be the next goal … :bow_and_arrow:

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