Having a dilemma

Got hit by nostalgia of D2 and wanted necromancer expansion for a while for D3 which i finished on ps4 long ago.
Now that it’s summer sale I bought Prime Evil Collection for PC, downloaded both games, launched killed few mobs in both and really didn’t feel it at all…
Now I’m thinking to refund it, but wanted it for so long and now it just ain’t it seems, maybe it will come back, maybe not , don’t want this to sit and collect dust which would be just a waste… dunno if keep or refund and wait for D4

This is normal. At times people feel like playing an old happy memory and end up only playing it for 5 minutes. I assume this is just the feeling of knowing it will be there when you need it the next time. A reminder. Like an old photo. You pull out the album look at it for a little while then put it back to collect more dust. You won’t throw it away because the feelings attached are valuable.

How much did you pay for it and was this the remastered version?

yea that’s pretty much what it is, afraid it might be like that every time I’ll try coming back to it, though can buy it anytime too. It’s $35 for whole D3 with expansions plus D2R (remaster), so pretty good deal

It’s hard for me to give you a straight answer without my own bias. If you have played the games before, get a refund. If you haven’t played them, keep it.

Or try and find the original copy of D2 where it doesn’t require an always online connection to play it.

My take? You bought the game. You played it. Keep it. Would you be able to do the same with food? Buy a slice of pizza and take a few bites, then decide that you didn’t really want pizza, so you go and ask for a refund?
What little money you invested in the game, it’s well worth it.

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“played it” killed few mobs lol its under 2 hours by their policy its all good
you compare as s to a finger with this analogy , game is not food and nothing been “used” , you just get access locked and your money back

The fact that you’re in this forum asking for advice whether to return it, tells me it’s not entirely clear in your mind either. So if you want to return it, why don’t you? I’m not sure why you’re even asking?

yeah its not that’s why I’m asking lol

thought I’ll give it another shot before I do , kinda reconsidering to keep it

to see if any old players felt same way and when got to the game it didn’t feel like it and what end up doing . I played D2 back in the days and its bit clanky now though graphics got nice upgrade, Necro in D3 seems not bad.
There is also now concerns for D4 after looking at what they are planning and what also did to Immortal … Blizz is not the same

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I still play D3 and for the money, best game I ever had. I’ve been playing d3 since it came out. I’ve played them all, D1, D2 and D2R, but my favorite by far is D3. You just need to play it until the next season comes out. Hopefully the next season’s theme is a bit better than the current one.


You might have chosen the worst time to play D3, to be honest. The current season is not very good, but it should be over soon. Personally, I love the game. If you are not strapped for cash, and can afford to lose that $40 or whatever it was, then i would keep it, myself. Maybe the next season will be great? Who is to know.

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Happend to me when D2R launched, got that nostalgic feeling and bought it… was not what I remembered so got a refund later that same day :slight_smile:

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searched and think it ends at the end of August, and honestly I never played any seasons, only finished campaign with expansion and did rifts , then I moved and haven’t played it for few years at least. Should be ok I guess since can’t compare it to previous ones. Didn’t know they were all different.

You aren’t missing anything.

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