Has the game become stronger over nite?

Am i the one to experience the game over nite has become stronger? iv have been running torment 16 rift 85 for 2 day now but suddenly last night and now agian this morning, i can´t hardly kill a normal mob on torment 16, iv got the same gear/skills as i had when i run it without any problems, and its getting kinda annoying now, since i have to go down to tormant 13 and rift 75 so be able to play now… so any one got any idears?

You dont have RoRG in cube (or on yourself), and you don’t have 6 piece set working.

thanks internet explorer, rorg is not shown with battle.net api

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You need to check your boots!


RoRG isn’t visible on profiles.
You can check my “Shaka” WD (EU server), RoRG is equipped but doesn’t appear.

Leave it alone, please!

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No, you’ve absolutely changed gear, if you mean this hero…

You have the RoRG in the Cube, which is why wearing 2 pieces of Aughild’s is giving you the 3-piece set bonus. However, you’re only wearing 4 pieces of the Wastes set. That’s because you’ve equipped the boots from the H90 set. This means you no longer have the Wastes 6-piece set bonus in effect, i.e. you are missing the 10,000% bonus to WW and Rend. This means your Rends are now doing 1/100th of your usual damage.

Put your Wastes boots back on.


There’s your problem right there ^^

I see you’ve put your Wastes boots back on since you made the thread.

However, now can we address the rest of the issues with the build choices…

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I had a similar feeling today, but it was because I put the ethereal back on that was the “twisted sword”, and forgot to replace it in the cube with the other 400% damage thingy. I had an ethereal on in which the same buff was in my cube, DOH.

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Pretty sure we’ve all done something in that ballpark at one time or the other. I’m great at forgetting that I’m running speedgear when farming keys and then jump into a grift and get demolished.


That’s how my very first hardcore character died. Well, actually, I set the game to T16 because I was testing and ran a lower-level GR (like 45) as I wanted to build up a baby gem for an alternate character. Then, I forgot what difficulty it was, jumped a regular rift and got imprisoned, walled, and molten explosion with a few arcane laser beams around for good measure. If I remember right, some of the monsters were also poison cloud so it was just basically “die, now!” Ironically, had I not been using Squirt’s Necklace, I would probably have survived it.

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