Has Blizzard addressed the stash size for Classic D2?

I recall this being a big issue when they originally said they wanted to keep Classic as classic as possible, including the tiny shoebox of a stash.

There was huge pushback from Classic players in favor of the increased stash size and shared stash QoL added for the LoD version. Multiple massive threads made about it last February I recall. But I don’t ever remember seeing a response from Blizzard. There also hasn’t been any test experience that has allowed people to figure this out on their own since all of the testing has been in LoD.

Anyone know?

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Months ago pezradar replied here that they won’t change it :confused: Hope they change their mind, along with TCP/IP one of the very few things actually worth complaining :sweat_smile:

Edit: [Classic] The Shared Stash - #186 by PezRadar


I started to fear for the complete removal of classic mode a few weeks ago, i hope that is not the case. Shared stash in classic is a must now that you cant exit the game and join it back with another char to mule, because once everyone exits it the game dissapears.

Thanks I stopped reading the forums a while back when they seemed dead.

That’s a shame. The TCP/IP thing is stupid too. Future QoL will be considered as they said, so hopefully people keep making noise about it. It may just be a time constraint and also they want to get more feedback when the game is released.

I was MFing solo the other day on Beta(Andy, Countess, Summoner, and Duriel), and ended up leaving game, and I was able to join back the same game. So, seems like games will perm after the 5 minute limit for a period of time.

Ok, that is good news, lets see how that works. Still the classic players also deserve a shared stash.

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Correct! D2: R Classic needs the expanded personal stash and shared stash tabs. If the Devs do this for D2: R Classic that is all that is needed! :slight_smile:

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I prefer them keeping the classic stash size just for keeping the classic skin of the game, but adding the shared tabs.


Yea, even that would help a lot!

Yeah that would be a fair idea honestly.

As a hc classic ‘purist’ I could go along with that.