Hardcore Reincarnation

Heres an idea, a lot of people actually put a lot of time into a character, just to have it die cuz they have an AMD computer or bad internet or for some reason a whiny kid, now here is my idea.
What if you had an option when you die in HC, once sent back to the character select and instead of just the option to “Archive Hero”, another option would be above it, “Reincarnate Hero”.
The cost would be $25, but the catch is, only once per season can this option be used, it would be like rebirthing, but for dead HC characters, this could also carry over to Diablo 4.
Now I know some HC players will complain that this is stupid or unfair and to those i say, I don’t care, you are also the one constantly begging for people to PL you when you die, this would benefit those a lot, if they can get the parents to fork out for a reincarnation.
Anyways, let me know what ya think ?

Which part of this is unclear…

Permanent Death

You have but one life, eager hero. If you should die, though your deeds will be remembered, you shall not return again.

Customer Service will not revive a fallen Hardcore hero for any reason. All of your hero’s items will be lost forever upon death.

You shouldn’t get a second chance because you’re willing to spend $25.
Stop looking for ways to make hardcore less hardcore.

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SC is that way :point_right:


And yet, you and many others have never been a hardcore player, beg for PL day 1, die 5 minutes later, beg for another PL, die, repeat and yet someone willing to spend a 1 time fee of $25 to get what they lost back (ONCE per season) is not hardcore at all, neither is constantly seeing beggars.
I have not played HC since s18 I think, even though I am in the US, I play HC on EU servers normally, due to the extra lag, I’ve not made it that high, then again I work a lot and when tired I don’t play HC.

OK then lets make HC, hardcore again, no one is allowed to join a game, other then through the public game option with same level characters as themselves, until they have cleared a GR 60 solo. This means day 1 you start, so even if a friend is 900 paragon and willing to PL you, you can’t join him UNTIL the gr 60 solo has been done by you, this means regular rifts, cuz this is already in place for GRs past a t6 level.

If you hate that idea, how about, when joining a player more then 5 levels above you, no matter what torment level you’re on, then you suffer a 95% xp loss due to a HARDCORE buff, so you can still join a 70 friend on t6, yet you wont get xp from it.

Now thats hardcore…

And yet, I’ve played it since vanilla.

My achievements, showing 100% hardcore achievements completed…

My achievements, showing Hardcore Feats of Strength…

My first ever hardcore hero’s death, at level 60, on Inferno difficulty…

My Career Page shows 894 HC paragon.

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If you lose a character in HC, You can easily make one equally as powerful within 72 hours of play. Considering your stash is intact, plus the paragon points, the only thing you lose are whatever was in your inventory - which can all be earned back within 72 hours, and plus additional two hours it will take to get you back to level 70, assuming you have in your stash a full set of whatever armor set and items that have reduced level requirements from gem of ease, a weapon socked with a gem of ease, and you play T2-3 level difficulty.

If you lose something Primal, then that hurts a bit more, but I’m sure you will eventually get a new Primal somewhere down the road as you play more.

The very worst thing that can happen though is dying while leveling your new character - really shouldn’t happen but You never know… each piece of gear will need a level 25 gem of ease to create and that will take a lot of runs (which is why you should always have more than one hero capable of doing GRT10 with absolute ease in case this happens.) so one way to rebuild your character back to level 70 with minimized risk of dying is doing it in Set Dungeons. While you’re in Set Dungeons, crank the difficulty to the top.

I hope this helped!

if you play softcore you revive for free since gold is useless. why pay real money for something that already exist in the game. are you drunk?

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