Hardcore is dead

RIP HC. The clan I belong to has seen 80% of the members either quit or go to softcore. I had just finished putting Caldesanns on my Dreadlands build, and 15 seconds after walking out of town the game crashes and I lose my toon. No - there is nothing wrong with my PC, internet, video card or anything else. I have not had this happen EVER in SC. This is a server-side issue . It might have something to do with the speed of the build and packets being lost, but that is just a guess. The real reason is server-side support for the game. Obviously there is more for SC than HC. Since Blizzard is unwilling to address this issue, unless players stand up and complain about it nothing will get done. There are plenty of other games out there - maybe it is time for me to move on.


I agree with the OP. The Hardcore side of Diablo 3 is and has been neglected for some time now. We get disconnects and freezes for no reason whatsoever, but when we venture to Softcore and push our characters there, even on the European servers, these abrupt disconnects and freezes do not happen. I have also posted in another thread in the Bug Report section about the Area Damage problem, it has been a big issue for some time now, but is really apparent with the new DH GoD build. As usual, Blizzard has done and most likely will do nothing to correct this bug.

It is true about people leaving Hardcore in mass because of the random disconnects and freezing of the game. Players are either migrating to Softcore or leaving the game entirely to play PoE or something similar. Either Blizzard wants all players to move over to Softcore or they want people to quit the game. Bad business either way. I am going to predict that Blizzard will be shocked when Diablo 4 sales are trash, but us Hardcore players will not be. We, as paying customers, should not have submit reports to Blizzard tech support when our character dies from their disconnections and freezes, we should not be doing THEIR job for them. Blizzard neglects their paying customers on so many levels, especially their HC customers.

Even though we do venture into SC wheather to experiment with new builds, play with SC only friends, or in my case, bad weather, we are die hard HC players due to the excitement this mode brings us. Character deaths due to random disconnects or freezes because of Blizzard’s outdated and underpowered Diablo 3 servers is unacceptable. More HC players must voice their concern and complaints here and now or else nothing will be done. Hardcore is DEAD.

Right now, Rift Born HC clan has 136 members.

I was in RB clan one year before you current clan leader joined.

Don’t blame HC for your problems!

Also, serious HC players don’t make posts on this forum when D/C happens.

Death is a part of HC.

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Very well put. You lose toons in HC, which is why you plan for it. If you run with the right group, then you have each other’s backs during DC issues and you find a way to save them,

This season has been no different in terms of lag issues or DCs than any other. I have experience no difference between HC and SC in terms of server performance. I’m just happy Blizzard keeps the game running despite it not being a revenue-generator.


HC tends to wind down in the last month of the season. Generally, you spend a couple of months building your hero’s gear, then you have a push, and if you die you quit the season as not many want to spend the time required to get your gear, gems and augs back, a month doesn’t cut it.

I’m a pretty casual Diablo player. In the end, I rarely have any issues with stability of their servers. If I get DC’d, it’s usually my router that took a dump on me.

That being said, I’ve never had a death in Hardcore. I don’t progress fast at all when I play, so perhaps it’s because I’m not pushing. My toons die all the time in Softcore, however.

I agree with the OP but for a different reason. I left HC because I had run out of stash space in HC. Keeping multiple backups for all classes takes up so much space. In SC once you get a well rolled Primal you can toss every other legendary version. Even having a well rolled legendary means you can stop collecting that item.

Having said that I do miss the rush of HC.

Dude, D2HC veteran here. At least we have our passives now. That didn’t exist back in the day. Lags, DC, these are all part of the game. Play in groups and talk on coms if you’re playing a difficulty that a few seconds of DC is enough to kill you.

I’m sorry for trashtalking, but hardcore isn’t dead, your characters are. Hardcore literally is for hardcore, and it culls away impatience.

The problem is, you continuously lose all your stuff to Blizzard’s problems. Not your mistake, not your fault. You’re just grinding away to get to pushing and the game holds for 10 to 20 seconds, long enough for you to die. It is a software issue, inside the game or it’s drivers. All my deaths this year have been these failures.