Hard cast rend?

Can someone explain this to me, I don’t really get it. As I understand it, when I reach 130 plus solo, i change my cube to the gauntlets and hard cast rend…

I don’t get it. So obviously it means to manually cast it, but why only at that level and why not lower? Do I gather massive packs, wait for COE then hard cast?

Refer to Part 3: [Guide] Zodiac Rend (Season 20)

Build guides are stickied for a reason. Please check them before posting one-off questions. Tons of info in them to answer your questions!

The extra damage provided by the AD when you hard cast rend isn’t really needed below 130. If you think you don’t have enough dps before this level,nothing prevents you from hc it in whatever level you want.
You should try to use it in packs,the larger the better as often as possible but without losing taeguk’s buff.So you hc,you ww just enough time to keep taeguk and hc again…
Some videos showing how to do it at high level are linked here in the first post: Nuclear weapon incoming: Hard cast rend (150 8: 46 updated BL + ItF + Zei)

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