Handicapped gamer needing help on PS4

Hi everyone,

I will give anyone my 2 Petrified Screams for a boost through a level 70 Greater Rift. I have to use a modified PS4 controller and I can’t react fast enough to get past a level 56 Greater Rift. Help would be greatly appreciated. My PSN username is Bosslooter and I am playing Season 26 Normal mode.

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I’m happy to push you through GR70s (or higher if you want) - no need to give me your petrified screams.

I’ll add you later on. I’m on East coast Australia, so not sure of the time differentials. I can help you with some of the seasonal journey too if you want, although some stuff has to be done solo.

I have 2 SC DHs - s6 impale for pushing and UE MS for farming, can switch to either as required. Can also boost on HC too if you want a HC character.



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OK, tried adding you, but cannot due to your settings. Can’t send you a message either on PSN.

Feel free to add me.

Sorry about that, I didn’t know my friend requests were turned off. I just sent you a friend request. I am extremely grateful for the help. I just want to finish a level 70 Greater Rift to unlock primals so anything above that is up to you, I am grateful for any help.

I was able to finish through chapter 4 of the seasonal journey and I am completely fine with that. Most of what I have left to do is solo and I don’t plan on finishing the journey as long as I got all the set piece rewards.

I will check in throughout the day to see if your online. Thanks again!

GR70 to unlock primals MUST be done solo. I have been doing a bunch of stuff away from my PS4 the past few hours, about to have a very late dinner. Will approve your friend request after that. It’s 10pm here, so I should be on in about half an hour or so. Can offer around an hour or so tonight if you are online.

Don’t worry about the friend request thing - it’s an easy enough mistake to make, been there and done that myself lol.

If there’s any part of the season journey that needs doing, I am happy to help (where possible of course).


PS microphone is desired for easier communication in game, but not critical.

I didn’t know you have to solo a GR70 to unlock primals, that was my entire reason for wanting a carry. That is a gut punch, damn. Thanks for the offer to help out, I really appreciate it but I don’t want to waste your time. I will just keep farming gear and hopefully before the end of the season I can solo a GR70.

One question I have is, once I unlock primals on a character does that unlock them for the entire account or is it per character? Maybe I can roll a DH and unlock them for the account if possible.

It’s per mode.

Do a GR70 solo in Softcore Season unlocks Primals for all SC Seasonal toons.
Do a GR70 solo in Hardcore Season unlocks Primals for all HC Seasonal toons.
Do a GR70 solo in Softcore Non Season unlocks Primals for all SC Non Seasonal toons.
Do a GR70 solo in Hardcore Non Season unlocks Primals for all HC Non Seasonal toons.

I’m a disabled player too, paralysed arm from a motorbike accident. I use a standard controller but have a home made device that “hosts” the controllers on my legs allowing me to use my knees to push buttons.

I’ve seen a fair few modded controllers but this works for me so am used to it.

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Thanks for the info, that clears things up a lot. I have to play nearly the same way. I lost my left arm from the elbow down and 2 fingers on my right hand are extremely limited from a car accident.

I am going to roll a DH and give that a shot, I am play a WD now. I play a summoning build because the pets give me more time to react. Do you have any DH gear that you don’t need anymore, maybe I can trade you forgotten souls for them. That would help a lot and save me a lot of farming once I turn 70.

I am going to unlock primals even if I have to roll every class in the game to do it :smiley:

I play only Monk and yeah the Inna Water makes it easy for the “pets” to do massive damage so I do not have to co-ordinate buttons a lot.

I’m sure you will find a build to do a GR70 solo!

I have watched people, like Raxx, play that build. I just assumed it would be a hard build to play. It is worth a shot. Thank you.

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It unlocks them for the entire account (SC). If you also play HC, then you’ll need to complete another GR70 with your HC character to unlock primals for all of your HC characters.

Mate, I don’t mind helping out. I can help buff your paragon (as best as I can, I’m not super high paragon in SC). I don’t know what build you play, but I can help you out with any DH build (other than GOD where I just suck lol). My preferred build is s6 impale and I am confident that I could easily get you doing a GR70 solo with some paragon and some good advice on gear.

You would not be wasting my time. I’ve helped a lot of people over the years - with conquests, DH advice, general gear advice etc.

I never knew this Nick! You’re a cracking player mate, irrespective.

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Definitely catch up with me. I am a DH specialist, and (tooting my own horn) One of the best DHs on the PS4. I am 10000% confident that I can help you to be soloing a GR70 and higher.

That’s it!

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I don’t know if you’ve considered something like this…


That’s a USB device with three foot pedals, and the press of the pedals can be configured to act like keyboard presses, i.e. casting abilities that would normally require finger presses can instead be actuated by tapping your feet.


that’s brilliant!!!

That sounds great! I just got a DH to level 70 and starting to farm gear. I would appreciate any help and tips you can give me. I have a Sony headset with a mic, I have never used it before but seems simple enough to use. I am looking forward to tearing through some high level rifts :smiley:

When is a good time to catch you online and what time zone are you in? I can adjust my schedule around yours.

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I’m East coast Australia. So, either 14 hours or 17 hours behind US time (East/West coast). Tuesday nights I can stay up a bit as I’m not currently working on Wednesdays. Thursday night I can stay up a bit too, but not too late. Friday night can stay up late as I don’t work Saturdays. Sunday and Monday nights are early nights for me as I am up early for work on the following days.

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I just finished a GR70! I am so happy, thanks to everyone!


wow, huge congrats mate! Now go grab that seasonal journey guardian reward!!!

Did you do it with your DH?


Perseverance pays off! With my disability and setup it took me 8 months to Platinum Mirrors Edge and 5 months for Batman Arkham Asylum but I got there in the end.

It’s hugely rewarding when you hit your goals!

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Okay, so come on, what was your guaranteed primal?