Hammerdin AS and CDR Question


Hi, all!
I’ve been having a blast playing in NonSeason with Invoker set in the last couple of weeks.
During the time, I managed to complete the “Hammerdin” set, and looking at guides all over internet, I’m at a loss regarding how much CDR and AS I should have.

I read something about AS being a must in weapon since it doubles its speed. But some players and guides also point at LPWS and CDR being more important in weapon that AS, and that AS should be in rings and gloves.

Any ideas on the topic? Any help is greatly appreaciated!


You want IAS and LoH (not LpWS) on weapon, so try to get CDR from other slots unless you lucky enough to get a flail with IAS, LoH and CDR.

50~55% CDR (including Gogok stacks) should be enough once you’re familiar with the build. Just make sure you don’t spam Provoke/Falling Sword unnecessarily since they will consume your ORotZ proc.

Personally I prefer using Long Arm the Law passive with Laws of Valor - Unstoppable Force to reduce hammer’s wrath consumption and the frequency I have to cast Provoke and Laws so ORotZ can reduce Iron Skin and AC cooldowns more easily.


Thank you for your reply! I will follow your suggestion.
Also, it seems like on chest some roll elite damage reduction, and others all resist. which one do you recommend?


It usually depends on whether the chest already has single resist or not, since single resist prevents it from rolling AR.

I like chest with AR and melee/ranged damage reduction in secondary, but elite damage reduction with physical resist and melee/ranged damage reduction is just as good (perhaps harder to get).

If your paragon is high enough you may also consider AR with elite damage reduction by giving up some vitality.


Thank you, I will try get a chest with both main stats, though getting one with ranged/melee reduction seems really, really tough.