Guys, go crusader on season 18


Guys, go crusader on season 18, do you know, NUMBER 18 means “very enough”. And guess what crusader has both defense and offense.


Gives us advice on class he’s never even touched.

Sounds legit.


I’m not entirely sure I’d qualify that as advice. :grin: That being said I can see the crusaders penchant to stand in place for some builds going nicely with the seasonal buff.


Every class got defense and offense. This post is both confusing and rather demanding.


I’m guessing this is the context of the post? Either way, I’m not sure what the point is.


16 trillion dps build with only 1000 paragon, no caldesann, and no external buff.
The highest dps build after wizard’s .

Sader will be OP this season.


Do you have a link to the build and its description?


Even people that tested on the ptr did not say this. 1 post and this is what you are saying? Either trolling from another place or something like that.


90% stats perfection: 16 trillion dps
100% stats perfection: 19 trillion dps

Hardcore viable BTW



Please just provide something that people can copy and paste…


the system dont le me post link…


If only there was a stickied thread that explained how to do so…





What’s with all the secrecy and only show DPS?
Is there an exploit involved?


You could just put one of these `in front and behind the link.


I see in the patch notes a few changes to items, none of which belong to Crusader.


Last time the Akkhan set was Haedrig gift in season, HandH clan filled out the Sader Leaderboard top 500 for the most part in Hard Core.

I would bet that clan will not do the same thing again.
It does get old.

I usually make a condemn sader just to run gr100+ for fun.
But this time around it’ll likely be Vyr Chant Wiz and zBarb/zMonk with a WW barb for speed runs.


S18 I will go NS just as any other seasons without stashtab.