[Guide] Zodiac Whirlwind (Season 18)


incase you dont beleive me go ahead and inspect everyone above me (#205 on the leaderboards) you will notice none are playing whirlwind.


Unfortunately, the way the leaderboard works is if a barb used whirlwind to complete a 110 and also used another build to do a 115, only the 115 would show up. As such, you may be the highest whirlwind clear or alternatively, you may be the highest whirlwind clear for only players who did not use another build to surpass the “whirlwind” greater rift level.

I personally have advocated for 6 piece class set specific and LoN leaderboards so you can see how you stack up for a given build.


I don’t really get why or who your trying to explain how the leaderboards work but in case you did not know, someone who’s been playing whirlwind literally the whole league simply will not just switch to another build to compete with whomever. I am sorry if that gives you a reason to dislike my leadership in the build. I had a goal, and I made it clear. You can either side with me and agree, or disagree.


Congratulations on your accomplishment. It is not a matter of siding with you or against you. I clearly said that you could be the #1 whirlwind barb this season or not based on how the leaderboard works. I do question your assumption (you probably recall the old cliché about “assume”) that no one would switch between builds that achieve high greater rift clears.

What I said is similar to the feedback I received about demon hunters and crusader and wizards not being part of the 4 man meta leaderboard with the exception of 2 in 1000 cases. Someone accurately pointed out that these classes could have been represented more but people beat their personal best with another class. Do I think that there are ton of people who fit this? No. The same is likely true for your accomplishment.

If we had a class set and LoN specific leaderboard as I and others have suggested, we would know for sure.

Edit: See Free post of few down that confirmed my suspicion


This has nothing to do with lon, but if it makes you feel better then sure. I guess ill just keep pushing it casually.

edit: New update. Currently sitting at #166, WITH WHIRLWIND.


Congrats on your clear, my friend! That’s a good clear for 1300 Paragon, and I love to see players pushing with the build even if it takes more fishing than other builds!

Unfortunately, it’s not even close to the Season’s top WW build. SoLucky cleared 119 back on 7/1. Check the archive for a video link: [Archive] Barbarian Greater Rift Clear Videos

Good luck with the pushes, and next time, record a video so I can post it!


Thanks bud but if im not mistaken he plays on EU. Im on NA. I would really love to go higher. I just dont have the time. I had to take a break mid way through the league. I don’t think i have enough time to make major progress. Maybe ill have some more time in s18. Currently sitting at #166 on the leaderboards of NA. at gr107 completion.


So how do we feel about morticks instead of APDs for early game when we don’t have stun/freeze yet? Obviously for top pushes the APD defense bonus in density can’t be beat, but I’m thinking early season the flat striding giant bonus might be worth it for the consistency? Maybe easier than ground stomp for new players?

Since you need density to kill anyway, once you have the gear to proc APDs I know it wouldn’t be worth it, and it might build bad non density gathering habbits.



Just updated the guide and directly addressed this. Here’s the relevant addition:

Bracer Choice: There are four different bracers that you’ll want to use in this build. Each has a different purpose as described below:

  • Nems: The best bracers for speed-farming T16 and low GRs (2-4 minute clears) once you have enough Paragon and Augments to survive incoming damage.
  • Strongarms: Only worth using if you have Ground Stomp (Wrenching Smash) on the bar. This boosts your DPS when pushing, but you’ll have much less mitigation than using Mortick’s or Parthans. Use this when you have enough toughness to tank incoming damage but are having problems getting enough DPS to spawn the RG in time.
  • Mortick’s: Your second best option for speed-farming T16 and low GRs is this item. It offers much more toughness and healing than Nems, but can’t compare to Parthans when pushing higher, end-game GRs. Think of this item as the second-best option for pushing GRs if you don’t have much Paragon or can’t get the secondary rolls necessary to proc Parthans. Just don’t be fooled by the hype–this item is not the best-in-slot bracer for pushing.
  • Parthans: This item is, hands down, the best bracer for pushing GRs, as it offers far more damage reduction than Mortick’s. While this item is all but useless for speed-farming T16 or low GRs, it is absolutely essential when you master the build and want to push as high as you can go.


Thanks, that’s pretty much in line with what I was thinking, but a more thorough overview!


Awesome thanks Free! I’ll be getting this over to Dfans soon. :slight_smile:


Let me know if i’m dumb, but the update to the patch said CC immunity means the movement AND attack speed slow are canceled on Stone Gauntlets. Do you think putting on those and using WoTB to immune the negative side effects means we could lose all other defenses and run a full Yolo, max damage WW? Am i just doing that thing where i’m in love and trying to justify playing ww, or is this potentially a thing?



You lose huge amounts of move speed and attack speed. Bad, bad, bad.

The build as outlined in this guide is already the max damage version.


I think Rizamp is saying that CC immunity, (in the form of WOTB), negates all of the negative impacts from Stone Gauntlets. i.e. you get all the benefit, none of the drawbacks.

Is that true? I haven’t really looked into it.


Oh, I see.

But all it grants is 50% more Armor. It’s not 50% DR and has none of the healing of IP, and anyway, where would Stone Gauntlets go? In the Cube? But then you lose Mantle, which means you lose 25% multiplicative damage. Bad trade.


Well, you get 50% more armor up to 5 times (250% more armor, 350% armor total). I agree though that you need that damage from Mantle.


I mean, the issue with the build is not that we lack toughness. Parthans takes care of that, and if you don’t have those Freeze rolls yet, Mortick’s is a Band-Aid.

The problem is damage. Adding Stone Gauntlets decreases our damage. You could drop PoC and wear Witching Hour, but that is, at best, 50% more CHD. Still not as good as Mantle’s bonus.


For low para players like myself, starting to push end game a viable option over the furnace in cube is EF now, I love the extra speed and my sheet damage jumped to over 10m at one point.
I only concern myself with speed clears as i mostly farm solo or with another from my clan.

WW is fresh and fun for me again :smiley:


you are correct lyrecrest definitely the best option for speeds farming of any kind.


In addition to this for new players as I’m sure youre full aware @Free:
Using sprint: gangway w IP:Bravado or FC i believe procs strongarms to help boost dps.