[Guide] Zodiac Rend (Season 20)

Yes, I mean the Crimson’s option, CDR is enough.

But if I put Weapons Master, then Fury will always be 100%, right?

If you’re running on heavy density all the time and have 55%+ CDR + Crimson + Orotz, you won’t need Boon. Since that will not always be the case, you may find a bad floor, or a long corridor with few enemies here and there, Boon you help you keep Wrath up. No Wrath = death when pushing.

That’s why Boon and Brawler. But you can certainly push Weapon Master and Berserker Rage though. Just look at your cooldowns carefully.

Another thing I forgot to mention: when in hairy situations, you may want to spam battle rage to heal you up (via Morticks’s all rune to Wrath - Thrive on Chaos one). That may drop Berserker Rage off, specially against the RG

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Ok, thanks for the explanation.

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should update gear priorities for rcr with crimson set, it’s bis on weapons, shoulders and gloves and for obsidian ring

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CDR stacks with diminishing effects, depending on how much you have it’s not worth sacrificing crit damage, chance or even average damage. As I said: it depends. I suggest 55% to 60%. More than that any cdr roll will provide 3 or 4% increased CDR (and therefore, damage)

Did some more testing on WW/Rend. I’ll just give my results first, so people who are only interested in that can get the quick takeaway.


  1. Hard cast rend and Ambo rend cannot stack separately, i.e., you can’t have 2 stacks of hard-cast (HC) Rend and 2 of Ambo-rend.
  2. Ambo-Rend seems to overwrite hard-cast Rend, i.e. if you’re fighting in density, throwing in occasional HC Rends to proc AD is not going to help you. If you want to get significant AD out of Rend, you have to sit there manually spamming it for several seconds (not more than 3, since then Wastes 4 will drop, cutting your damage to 1/3).
  3. I am not sure if HC rend overwrites Ambo-Rend, will have to test more later. (Edit: it does overwrite)


To test whether Ambo-Rend and HC Rend can stack side-by-side, I ran trials on damaging enemies using two procedures. In procedure 1, I just used WW to apply Rend, and in procedure 2, I pretty much continuously HC Rend, tapping WW every half second or so to apply Ambo-Rend. I nerfed my damage, so as not to kill my target too quickly, by removing all damage passives and legendary gems, and using 2 BK weapons with the damage range rolled off and no sockets.

I did 3 sets of trials, on Manglemaw, Rakanoth, and Ghom. For Rakanoth and Ghom, who are bosses that spawn with the same amount of health each time, I timed taking their health from 100% to 0%. Manglemaw’s health is variable each time he spawns, so I timed 100% to 50% health, and then 50% to 0%, on the same instance.

Manglemaw, procedure 1: 27 seconds
Manglemaw, procedure 2: 27 seconds

Rakanoth, procedure 1: 2 minutes, 58 seconds
Rakanoth, procedure 2: 3 minutes, 0 seconds

Ghom, procedure 1: 4 minutes, 3 seconds
Ghom, procedure 2: 4 minutes, 17 seconds

If Ambo-rend and HC Rend could each stack separately, you’d expect mixing the two together to produce significantly more damage. It sure doesn’t look like that’s happening.

To test whether Ambo-rend can overwrite HC Rend, I headed to the tomb of the skeleton king, where I spawned the four towers that summon skeletons. After killing all the surrounding enemies and 3 of the towers, I again nerfed my damage, and applied HC Rend to the tower. As expected, this procced AD on the couple of surrounding skeletons. Then I applied Ambo-Rend to the tower. As expected, this did not proc AD onto the skeletons.

Then I applied HC Rend to the tower, immediately followed by Ambo-Rend, and didn’t see any AD procs hitting the skeletons. I repeated this 20-25 times, and saw 0 AD procs after I’d applied Ambo-Rend. So it looks like Ambo-Rend is overwriting HC Rend.

Like I said, I’m not sure if it goes the other way: whether HC Rend can overwrite Ambo-Rend. I may test that later, or if somebody else feels like doing it, knock yourself out. (Edit: a few days later I re-tested, and HC Rend does seem to overwrite Ambo-Rend, as well.)


Thanks for the testing Rage! Seems then there is really no point to hard cast Rend at this point. Might as well leave the AD rolls off for better stats and just let Ambo’s do its thing.

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Well, anytime you’re in density, the best thing would technically be to just spam HC Rend for 2-3 seconds at a time, especially when you’re in a Physical CoE cycle. There are a couple issues with that, though:

  1. Without those fast hits from WW/DDs healing you via Blood Funnel, LpH, you may die pretty quickly.
  2. That means you’ve got to have considerable AD rolls on your gear, which costs you other rolls.
  3. That’s a terrible, incredibly clunky feeling playstyle.

So, for anybody who wants to enjoy playing the build, I’d advise just forgetting about both AD and HC Rend, and stick to WWing. For extreme min-maxing and pushing, the AD / spam HC Rend route could be best… unfortunately.

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I did some testing of AD during PTR.

Trial 1. Using AD 114%, I would Ambo-Rend and then HC Rend 1.5 - 2 seconds later.

Trial 2. I removed all AD, but played in the same manner as above.

I did 10 GR total, 5 w/ AD & 5 w/o AD.

In runs with zero AD, I lost an average 3 minutes I my clear times (GR 110). AD seems to still be having an impact even though Ambo-Rend is overwriting HC Rend. Since Ambo-Rend has radius of 9 yards and HC Rend a radius 12 yards, then AD seems to be having an impact within that 3 yard window.

Just my 2 cents.

Well, that would suggest HC Rend can overwrite Ambo-Rend, just as Ambo-Rend can overwrite HC Rend, which is not super surprising (basically, the newest Rend instance just overwrites an older one).

And like I said, you’ll get the most damage, in density, out of just doing HC Rend, as much as possible.

Hmm… Do you think this is intended or are we looking at a bug? Should Ambo-Rend & HC Rend be overwriting each other? Should Ambo-Rend be able proc AD since HC Rend is able to proc AD?

I honestly have no idea what would or would not qualify as a bug in this case, since it’s a bit hard to tell what Blizzard “originally intended”.

Personally, I’m glad Ambo-Rend can’t proc AD, since if it could, this would significantly increase the need for fishing a super-duper-high-density rift, and would also contribute a lot to lag (it was AD, combined with DDs, that locked up the game when playing old style WW).

I’m somewhat inclined to say that I wish Rend had its ability to deal AD removed entirely, since this would completely remove both the problem of lag and the possibility of needing to play a dumb-as-hell, stand-in-place-and-spam-Rend playstyle.


Thought of another name… Spin to Rend

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I’m conflicted about how to play. Not using AD is leaving damage on the table, but using HC Rend is clunky. Hmmm…

In order to keep IK 4pc/ Wastes 6pc CDR free I need to HC Rend, I just don’t need to do it a lot.

Spin + Rend = SPEND



Spin + Rend = NERD PINS


New patch is up, let’s get SPINNING!


I had actually hoped for more of a play on Spin to Win :stuck_out_tongue:

Spend to Win


Spin to Wind to Rend to Win