[Guide] IK HOTA (Season 21)

Morticks is like your parents finally buying you that N64… In 2019. I do think it will be nice sustain and DR boost for certain situations though. Another benefit of them is that while trying to gamble them last night, Kadala gave me some GG primal APDs for my WW barb.

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i am in D3 after year´s, you have a nice guide here, but what kind of followers´s and equip is best for ik hota or this isn´t important?

There’s two ways you can go with Followers:

  1. Templar - provides some heals if things get hot for you

  2. Enchantress - provides a small dps boost via an attack speed boost, it might help you reach the next break point

I think Thunderfury, Ess of Johan, and Oculus are still mandatory regardless of your follower. The 2nd Ring is then usually a Bul Kathos Wedding Ring or a Unity depending if you are using a Unity.

Always use a Can’t Die Relic on your Follower. Especially if you use Unity. But it’s pretty much mandatory regardless.


Why thunderfury if no wyrdward ring? What does thunderfury provide alone?

Thunderfury’s lightning provides a slow that enables Trapped’s bonus to work on those enemies.


hmm just had a absolute perfect bracers of the first men drop.
Current is primal fire/str/vit/crit/globes. new is primal fire/str/vit/crit/open for roll.
Should I roll physical/melee/ or something else? Im thinking melee but im open for suggestions.
Current defense totals-
melee reduction is at 0%
ranged reduction at 6%

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I would go melee reduction.

Yah thats what I will do.

Ok, i am now on GR91 with this set(paragon 650), i have problem with only one - damage. Killing of enemy cost lot of time. I don´t have ancient part of armor or weapon and looks like GR95 +/- is maximum for now…

With the advent of Season 19 around the corner, this build, while awesome, is likely to evolve with the change towards the Remorseless Mighty Weapon(granting 200-250% more damage when IK6 buff is up). Since GoJ in cube is a given, would it be best to go with a dual Mighty Weapon set-up(say Remorseless + Oathkeeper(or a different Mighty Weapon) or stick with Istvan Swords? My feeling is that while the APS on Istvan can be insane(particularly with PE), it just looks like the damage spike from Remorseless trumps a faster attack(loss in Armor will suck though).

Plus having dual Mighty Weapons would yield potential for +36 Max Fury or +7% CHC. That would put base CHC(without gear) at 60% compared to 55% that the old Istvan set-up would give. Meaning getting perfect CHC rolls won’t be as paramount(but still matters).

Just playing around on D3Planner I got a dual Mighty Weapon set-up to hit 17 frames(without PE) with Enchantress help, 7IAS on both Mighty Weapons and RRoG equipped for more IAS(and the fact I like Aughild set. It replaces the 30% Damage modifier from Istvans while adding 15% DR AND 30% Elite mods). BoFM and BoM are cubed to maximize their respective buffs while Mortick gives ample LPFS and 50% DR(hence Chest and Shoulders for Aughild). Aughild Helm rolls with All Resistance and seeing as HOTA rolls on it, not exactly ideal to have a defensive primary.

With optimal gear, Rank 50 Gems(Stricken, Trapped and Esoteric) and Paragon at 800, it theoretically hit 338 Billion(~1.2 Trillion DPS, 17 Frames(3.53 APS)). That’s against Trash with Rampage maxed, EW at 100% Damage(and not its walking DR buff) and no Stricken stacks or Area Damage. Tack on 200% multiplier(x3) or a bare bones roll on Remorseless and IK HOTA Barbs next season can easily top 1 Trillion damage per strike(and we’re not even factoring in Powerful Gem, Ruthless or Elite/RG multipliers).

Dare I ask how WW is supposed to compete with this?

WW blows this out of the water unchanged. IK Hota needs a buff. And just incase im missing something how to you plan to loose fury of the ancients shoulders? That is all the builds resource regen and gives it the power. Even more so now with the buff to its trait.

Updated for S19. HOTA!


Considered remorseless? We did not do much optimization work there but it may be strong as well.

Remorseless is there along with Echoing Fury for BiS weapons now.

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Still didn’t got my ancient echoing fury… Still rolling with sun keeper… But gotta say: it’s hitting hard! Even without full augmentation, hitting for 20 tri + in RG. Pain Enhancer is the best also

I’m actually going to be trying a sunkeeper with ambos for my T16 WW/Rend build this season. Then have Messerschmidts in the cube.

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I think the Devs want me to play IK HotA (laughs). Ancient Traveller with CC, CHD and Fire damage % and them… Ancient echoing fury.

Love this build so much. Wish it was 5 GRs stronger

What do you guys think about replacing TS/War Cry with Ancient Spear? I’m testing it and the building density improved so much I actually think it might be the way to go.

Definitely viable option as long as you stay alive and have the dps. Great way to make your own density if needed.

Good option :slight_smile: (20 caracters)