[Guide] Fire LoN HotA (Season 17)


You equip EF and PIgstick, cube GoJ and swap PE for LOD. I did GR112 on the PTR with no fishing at 18k str. With proper gear and augments, I think I would get around GR114-115 before I had to start finish with 2.2k paragon.

But the idea is just what Free mentioned, it will be like getting stacks of rampage prior to going after the elites.


I’m not sold on EF yet, especially if it was bugged in PTR, we don’t really know where it will fit in regarding GR pushing.

If it does indeed turn out to be a good fit when 2.6.6 goes live, then I could see using Trapped over PE.


The 128 clear used Gogok-Trapped-Stricken. (4637 Paragon) You’d almost certainly drop Gogok for LOD in the next patch, and I’m guessing that would cost you no more than 3 GR levels, probably only 1 or 2.

Rxt’s 128 was done with IK HOTA, 7609 Paragon.


The Paragon difference is pretty wide. Will be very curious to see non-Season push LoD HOTA to its limits.

What can replace dropping Gogok?

You’ll lose some CDR, which would require two non-weapon CDR rolls. You’ll have to be careful not to lose AD for that.

The Dodge and attack speed aren’t make or break, even if the latter helps for Zodiac procs. What other items can compensate for this? Maybe Echoing Fury, but it’s going to depend on the final value of the affix.


I mean, there’s zero question that the build will be a little weaker outside of season 17, and you will certainly end up losing a little of something, whether that’s CDR, AD… CHC (since so much is already built-in to HOTA)… but I don’t think it will cause a large drop in GR clearing potential.


Keeping this thread alive, I’m thinking it should be stickied. Anybody have the expertise to update the guide for 2.6.6? I’m playing this build in S18, but haven’t finished it yet and just broke into TXVI.

Open questions I’ve got:

How does it compare with IK?
Is EF BiS?
Trapped or PE?
Do stone gauntlets fit in anywhere?


You needn’t 70 lvl WD.
Create a WD char (1 lvl). Craft 70 lvl rare pants and upgrade them to legendary untill you get Swamp LandWaders.
After that you can use your barb to reforge them until you get good stats.


I was playing with it over the weekend

I like Stone gauntlets over Magefist. I think EF is BiS but you need to roll STR off for CDR. Trapped is much better than PE. It is fairly comparable to IK HotA. Initially I thought it was going to be better, but running them both I could do 110 just as good as one as the other. If there is a difference in GR level to be it would be 1 or 2 GR at most and I couldn’t tell which is really the strong. If I had to guess LOD is stronger because I was doing about the same with a lot less augmented gear.


I got a Primal EF and was debating rolling the STR or %Damage off for CDR, I guess long term it is best to roll the STR off. Some folks are getting crazy clears with this build early in the season and I’m not quite sure if it’s a mixture of Flavor of Time and the GR lottery or if I’m doing something wrong.


These are your culprits.

LoD HOTA isn’t as strong as last season’s ring-less LoN HOTA for obvious reasons, but it is competing neck and neck with IK HOTA and might, in the end, eke out a few more GR tiers than its set-based cousing.

Flavor of Time, on the other hand, is propelling builds ahead. I would argue that any new clears made with the amulet are, in large part, thanks to the amulet.


If I had to guess the crazy clears are coming via the GR. When I look at the numbers on paper they are quite close between IK HotA and LoD HotA. But LoD HotA has Flavor of time which may be an advantage in certain situations.

Last night I was running a GR118 for my SS build and I got to the point where I was dragging 6 elite packs. If I had flavor of time along and ran into a conduit, I would have immediately jumped to around 6 minutes ahead of the timer.

I would guess this is what is happening with the big clears. I think I haven’t run into this because I just haven’t gone through enough keys yet with my LoD HotA build. I have mainly been looking at it to see if it can compete with my SS build and I would say it is at least 4 GRs behind right now.


https:// us.diablo3. com/en/profile/PhreEk-1472/hero/86941224


Enjoying this setup for just doing regular rifts and bounties etc.

Found the primal Lut Socks so was just messing around but I actually like it. I don’t need an extra damage skill or anything so having leap to jump over obstacles or jump a few times if my in-geom falls off is pretty nice.

Just enjoying the variety of my Primals I can put to use, haha.

[Guide] 2.6.6 MOTE6-IB-Cold/Pro-Slam +128 (NS & Season 18)

Sticky request submitted.

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It is done, thanks…