[Guide] Fire LoN HotA (Season 17)

Yeah, 133@ 3500 P is very solid!

You going to try for 134?

Based on how the season is going, he’ll try 134 if someone beats his clear, lol.

I would need to get my gems higher before I trying, and the season is keeping me busy. I got a killer HF on my 6th try, so I’m pretty stoked and will actually try to get all my gear in a good place.

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엔류 did 138 on April 23rd… so, thus far he’s done 138 with R6 HOTA, 138 with LOD HOTA, and 139 with IK HOTA, all with around 9k paragon.

Like his IK HOTA clear, this one is interesting for using Rage Flip and Sankis (no EF).

Wow, very impressive. I can feel that rageflip is the best for the tippy-top clears, but sankis is really puzzling to me. EF not only gives AS but also cooldown. If I’m pounding down some heavies and I’m behind in cooldowns, I have to charge over to some fodder to build up EF stacks so I can catch up, or else I run out of wotb/cota and it’s instant death. He must be using spear to always keep enemies in striking distance. Way too much skill for me :yum:

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The fire damage and mini IP have to work nice.

엔류 now up to 140 with all 3 HOTAs (IK, LoD, R6). His IK clear in just under 15 minutes, R6 in 12:27, and LoD in 10:00 flat. All done with about 9300 paragon.

With LoD, this time he’s using EF rather than Sankis (also using Squirt- can’t remember if he used that last time). Still using Spear. (IK clear still using both Sankis and Spear)

A clear in 10 minutes leaves room for at least 2 more GRs of clearance with the same gear + paragon… looks like at 10k paragon, the potential is there for at least 140 for IK, 141-142 for R6, and 142-143 for LoD. That means LoD is probably only a whisker weaker than Frenzy!

There’s also a 142 with LoD on the AS server, though done by a fellow with nearly 15k paragon, so not quite as impressive.


I knew it! These LB filters are really doing some amazing work in highlighting under-rated builds.

Also very interesting to see Squirts being used in top clears. Power + Shield and I’d imagine the boss just vaporizes.

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Did you miss my “Squirt’s Analysis” post?

(To be fair, I failed to mention LoD HOTA there, not sure why.)

Nope, not at all. In fact we talk about it a little further down. Everything was theoretical, though, so by interesting I mean “the predictions were true” and not “how unforeseen”.

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Shoot, forgive me for not remembering…

Further down where?

No worries! It was actually in the MotE thread.

Finally finished a GR120 with only 2 augs and about 14k strength (2.2k Paragon). Good enough for #13 on Non season LB for no set. Took me about 30 keys but I’m happy with so-so gear. My thoughts are that I think the build could be at the same tier as frenzy if it weren’t a lot harder to play and get the right gear rolls on.

I went for a weird Andariel’s visage+cindercoat+stone gauntlets+vigilante belt+squirts combo and went heavy on attack speed on rolls (ASI on both weapons, helm, ring and enchantress buff). My question is, with this high ASI, does it cap when Echoing Fury gets to max stacks? Is 43%ASI too much and I just reroll to AD instead?

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Well done on the clear!

So, to answer your question- yes, when you have 5 EF stacks, the extra rolls of AS on your gear don’t end making much difference in your attack speed.

With 5 EF stacks, your HOTA breakpoints are:

AS on just EF: 13 frames
AS on Helm + EF: 13 frames
AS on Helm, Ring, EF: 12.5 frames (13 on one hand, 12 on the other)
AS on Helm, Ring, Remorseless, EF: 12.5 frames

And going from 13f --> 12.5f is only a 4% dps increase.

That said, with 0 EF stacks, having AS rolls on Helm, Ring, Remorseless, EF, as opposed to just on EF, brings you from 19f --> 17f, which is about a 12% dps gain.

But, it’s still not really worth it: you’d be much better off with some extra AD, which will significantly improve your speed at clearing density.


Great! Thanks for schooling me on the numbers. In this case I can now roll off 1 ASI on probably the Remorseless and take the enchantress cheat death ability. Hope I can probably hit GR125 before I get to 2.5k Paragon with the changes. Cheers!

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Glad I could help, good luck on the push!

There’s a 13min GR142 clear with 4800 paragon that’s very interesting. Uses WW bloodfunnel instead of FC, and GS to proc BoM.

My initial thought was that WW was being used to get ORotZ procs faster, and only HotA during fire cycle. I tried it out and it didn’t seem to help, though, so I’m not sure what’s going on.

That’s an impressive clear though, and got me thinking that it might be closer to Rend that people are thinking.

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Yeah, that’s an excellent clear.

It seems like WW is being used there to move you through enemies, while still healing, and also maybe to stack Stricken faster on the boss.

WW stacks Stricken crazy fast. S4v4g3 proposed this very thing a long time ago, maybe somebody has finally done it.

I tested it with Leapquake too, back in the old forum days. It didn’t work as well there, due, I think, to the dot effect of EQ which screws up the increased stacking rate.

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It def has my attention. 142 at 4800 paragon in 13 minutes is better then Seras clear from two eras ago in which he had the highest clear for his paragon in the world. Seras did not have the follower buff for his clear though so they are really close.

Just wanted to mention there’s an abnormally high GoD DH clear (146 in about 9:00 at only roughly 3k paragon) that dmkt has a thread about over in GD. There may be some sort of weird exploit going around… or not- we just don’t know!

That’s a great synopsis… thanks so much for stopping by!

I’ll be very interested to see your variant compete with 엔류’s setup, which uses Rage Flip.

Please keep us in the loop as you progress… and please do record video!

One more note: DDs rune also stacks Stricken faster. When I tested this in October 2019, I was seeing a stack every 4 frames while dual-wielding, which is downright crazy. It could have been altered since then, of course- the devs make changes all the time that they never tell us about.

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