[Guide] 2.6.7 MOTE6-Fjord-Echoing Fury-Cold/Pro-Slam +136 (NS & Season 19)

Without any ASI on your equipment you have 80 ASI (10 + 15 + 30 + 25). It’s 24 FPA. With 7% IAS on both swords it’s 22 FPA. So IAS on both swords gives you 9-10% to damage depending on amount of ASI you have. With Zodiac 7% IAS may be better than 10% DMG because of more Zodiac’s procs.

Taking your numbers if you have 22 FPA and you take Strength off your weapon and replace it with 7% IAS you will end up at 21 FPA which is a 4.76% increase for one hand or a 2.38% overall damage increase.

If you had 21k strength and decreased it to 20k strength. This is a decrease in overall damage of 5%. The lower your strength the bigger the percentage becomes.

Strength applies to all damage, IAS only applies to the weapon it is on.

You have to be careful when trading stats trying to find something that is beneficial. Also this only looks at a damage multiplier. If you are getting more attacks off, it could cause more fury problems, increase your healing, increase bloodshed damage, ect…

My numbers were 24 and 22 FPA. It’s 2 FPA difference.
To get 22 FPA without IAS you need 2 ASI stats. With 2 ASI stats you get 20 FPA with 3% from enchantress. It’s again 2 FPA difference.

P.S. I believe the most players that use Zodiac have exactly 1 ASI stat on equipment. It’s 23 FPA without IAS and 21 FPA with IAS.

To get to 24 FPA you cannot have any IAS, ASI and you cannot use the enchantress. If you just use the enchantress and nothing else you can get to 23 FPA (both hands).

With only the enchantress you cannot get to 21 FPA (one hand) by adding 7% IAS on your weapon you can only get to 22 FPA.

If you have only one item of ASI (no enchantress) it must be 7% and your IAS on the weapon must be 7% to get to 21 FPA. (just under a 5% overall damage increase or 2.5% per attack speed stat)

Using the enchantress and one item of ASI you are still at 23 FPA.

Of these choices the one that will work best for most people is to just use the enchantress and get rid of ASI and IAS everywhere else.

I wrote it above: “Without any ASI on your equipment you have 80 ASI (10 + 15 + 30 + 25). It’s 24 FPA.”

I wrote this above: “With enchantress IAS on zodiac don’t increase my attack speed.”

There are situations (with unbalanced equipment) when 7 IAS on both swords gives you only 5% dps. But if you use it smart 7 IAS on both weapons gives you 9-10% dps.

I wrote above what I want: “CDR/AD/RCR on both swords” and “CDR/RCR/CHC on Zodiac” (no IAS and no ASI).

Quick update on my personal progress. PS4 ( I think it harder since I have to hunt for Nephalem globes to match the damage of PC players)

I am Paragon 850 and able to do GR104 with this setup:
D3planner : 433216543

  • no augments
  • 95% of the cycles I have permanent WOTB thanks to Zodiac ring, I like having only WOTB as my only big cooldown (without COTA) this way Zodiac much more comfortable.
  • Ignore Pain is almost permanent
  • Critical hits heal me in addition to LPF from Motriks, feel it is a must on times when Zodiac did not do its job well.
  • Fury not a problem
  • From my personal experience 85% dmg reduction is a go-to target, 75% is just to low for an under 500 Life life Barb.
  • Tried Gogok for too long for the additional 15% CDR and the Zei’s is just to good to give it up

The main reason for my death right now is the lack of a mouse, the PS4 controller stick does not let you click a specific place for leaping and some times Barb just stucks and jumps in one place and dies from too many dmg at once taken.

I’ve done 117 (14:45 #27 S18 EU… would be #17 at NA with this result). Spile, Church (something like Halls of Agony), Spile. There was lightning pylon in the church but it worn off before I met an elite. 19k STR, 575k life, 2.5kk damage.


Y’all are about to go hog wild. From the PTR notes:

  • Fjord Cutter
    • You are surrounded by a Chilling Aura when attacking.
    • New Legendary Power: Seismic Slam attacks 50% faster and also deals 100-150% increased damage against Slowed or Chilled enemies
  • Bracers of Destruction
    • Seismic Slam deals [400-500%] increased damage to the first 5 10 enemies it hits.

I think it’s safe to say that Pro-Slam is going to be extremely competitive with VC, R6, and WW.

This is awesome.


Ho ho ho! Now the question is what goes to the off hand? Pick sticker with physical rolled to cold? ( is it possible?)


I’m just gonna pick a weapon they are not changing the leg power on.
In-geom and any other usable primals that I don’t have to find the new ones…again…

Yessssss the Cota attacking 100% faster on a fury rune is going to blend well with the new Fjord cutter!

Will that open a window for a shield bare barbarian? That can drastically reduce dame taken and open other slots for damage!

Guys please keep on updating from the PTR how the new items work! This thread is what made it work and be noticed, thank you!

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What about echoing fury?

I was thinking about it as well but on higher GRs take longer to kill even white mobs and the effect of the EF drops drasticly

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I think Echoing Fury would fit well there for the attack speed boost.

Even a shield may work in a way. Sword and board passive is giving some more RcR so something there.

Or sunkeeper for 30% elite dmg. Needs some experimentation.

Echoing fury is good too if things are dying fast.

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In PTR, Both IK and CC variety should be tested with new fjord cutter and another off hand. As new fjord will up IAS a lot, fury management may become an issue with CC version. So off hand could be a shield and sword and board passive. With IK setup,off hand could be offensive as well.

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A shield with the S&B passive isn’t a bad idea since Fjord alone will outshine the IB set in terms of attack speed and damage.

With Fjord’s attack speed bonus, you can forgo any and all IAS and ASI rolls on gear. If you use the Fury shoulders, the extra Ancients attack speed will replenish Fury very, very quickly (which is why we asked for it to be included on the item).

So, S&B + a shield means you can likely drop IP and Cassius from the later builds, and use Zodiac strictly for Wrath. My oh my.




With the new weapon change, there may be a change in stats. Right now I don’t have an issue with fury when I go 19FPA using Gogok. With the change I believe I will hit 16 FPA. If this causes a problem we might have to add a little more RCR as opposed to the 28% you get for free with the CC set. Getting to 33% is simple if you go the zodiac route you just change the ASI to RCR. I have been trying to get RCR, AD and CDR on my shoulders and have found that this combination of stats (although possible) is just about impossible for me to get even in a non-ancient piece of gear.

I am very interested to try the Fjord with EF.

I also think with the added damage we are going to have to change things up some more and add a bit more defense. Right now GR120 at 2.5k paragon I don’t have a lot of extra defense. Not an issue right now but if I add 5-10 more GRs I can see it becoming a problem.

Just a quick sanity check, the HotA attack speed calculator should work for SS correct?


I tried pushing GR120 today and I cleared it with 7 seconds remain. Going to try and add some more dps and see how I do. Using storms build, everything is ok except for the RG fight. That just sucks not being able to add stricken stacks for half the fight. If I didn’t have a power pylon for the RG I would not have gotten the clear.