[Guide] 2.6.7 MOTE6-Fjord-Echoing Fury-Cold/Pro-Slam +136 (NS & Season 19)

I have just tried ranged setup. I use Mortick. I changed Unforgiving to No Escape, Gogok to Zei’s, BoM to Zodiac, Falter to IP Iron Hide.
I did 110 but failed 111 with result 15 min 20 sec (no death on 111).

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I tried Zei’s + Zodiac + No Escape + Bloodshed. Selected distance on situation (sometimes played like melee, sometimes - like ranged). Did 112 (died a lot), failed 113. Failed 113 with melee variant too. The main drawback of the melee variant is that you don’t select your position - circles do it - so you can’t move slowly with large group of monsters. The ranged variant is more comfortable.

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Very easy to die with the Zei’s/Zodiac build. If you want going to Gogok will make the cooldown management easier without giving up huge dps.

I came back to the initial storm’s build with Zei’s, EW, BoM and PoC. Although I don’t remember which passives he used. I use No Escape, Rampage and Berserker Rage.
I did 112 3 of 3 with best result 12:43 (#66).
I did 113 2 of 3 with best result 14:29 (#61)
I did 114 0 of 2 with best reuslt 15:24

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I think you will find Storms build is going to be best for those with lower paragon (approximately 3k or less).

I am at 2.4k paragon and the Zodiac with Zeis is still too glassy for me.

With Storm build I can close 115 the vast majority of time. Running 120s I have had many levels where I got ahead of the timer by a few minutes, just never had good level back to back. I just need to fish more to close out 120 which is a low priority for me at this time.

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Guys, I find it hard to decide, which combo better to Seismic slam with.

I have played alot with this build to find the best set up for me and have found that going for GroundStomp pulling monsters to procc StrongArms + TreateningShout (falter rune +25% dmg) is a very easy way to play this kind of ice slamming Barb.

Keeping my fury up is the main problem in this build on higher-level GRifts since you need to slam lots of time to get the monsters to die.

Groundstomp helps to utilize Bloodshed and area damage + Threatening shout Falter rune.

Having Band of the Might ring is a must to have, damage reduction is too good and no need to Ignore Pain spamming or 50% damage reduction from Motricks WOTB. +50% damage from WOTB is the main plus so I ditched Motricks. Instead, I went to other damage potentials such as Strongarm bracers.

:point_up_2: 5 Earth + 3 IK set : d3planner 624444699
I have a great Bolder Breaker weapon.

  • Fury is not a problem
  • Damage is as high as with Istvan’s blades (without WOTB) and constant since WOTB is constant.

Easier to play but the damage pick with Istvans blades is higher when WOTB is up.

:v: 5 Earth + 2 CaptainCrimson + Istvan’s blades: d3 planner 241643727

  • Damage is almost the same as in combination with IK set, but when WOTB is up (60-50% uptime) the damage is hugely rising, almost double.
  • Fury management with this combo at higher GRifts might be challenging due to lots of slamming needed, this is why I went for the belt in the cube to trigger Avalanche for Fury together with Earthquake.
  • Tried Strongarm bracers in the cube but Fury is not keeping up, so went for the Dread Iron belt instead.

Will be happy to hear your thoughts on this, am I doing something wrong? I do not understand how the damage on the IK Bolder is almost the same as Istvan’s?

Thank you for the build, I love it!

Well the more you play the build I think you will find that the MotE6/IK4 is severely limited because of the attack speed. Once you start pushing you will need LPFS to keep you up and the attack speed isn’t enough using the 2-handed slow weapon.

If you go the ground stomp approach, Zeis’s might not be the best gem. Since you are pulling everything close to you and packing the mobs in a tight group you may want to use Gogok for the faster attack speed and more CDR. This way you don’t have to leap twice (first to gather the mobs and the second time to jump away to do the DPSing). You can just start DPSing after you drop into the crowd and let the AD and bloodshed do the damage.

In either case you will want to maximize your AD damage so no RRC on weapons. You may have done this for fury management in an effort to not have to use Call of the Ancient (Fury), but every time I have tried this I end up fury started.

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Thank you for your input,

I kept Zei’s mainly for the Rift Guardian + since the damage area on Seismic slam is not hitting all the monsters around me, it still hits with 30-50 yards the ones that are not clumped.

Gogok is very hard to keep up, I also do not need damage reduction from this gem since I use 4ik bonus.

I will give Gogok a go, thank you!

If you are using ground stomp to group, I sugges using Pain Enhancer instead of Zei’s. Secondary effect will up your IAS for slams. However if you are using 2P CC, then go with gogok.

Mote6-ik4 can use PE better in that way. But its damage is limited compared yo CC and Istvan build

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hmm… that means I can switch Threatening Shout - Falter to Rend (+10% dmg rune) and trigger the attack speed on the PE gem for 5 sec instead of 3 and get a lot more IAS immediately!


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I replaced CoA to WC Charge and Berserker Rage to Unforgiving in Zodiac variant and did 114 (~17k str). Died 5 times (3 times immediately after resurrection due to ping issues)

WC vs Charge:

  • doesn’t interrupt your shooting/moving
  • no ancients that distract mob from following me
  • usually can be cast immediately after death
  • increase toughness
  • minus one passive for damage

I have CDR/AD/RCR on shoulder and want to get CDR/AD/RCR on both swords. I also want CDR/RCR/CHC on Zodiac (relatively easy to get). But even with just 2 RCR mode I haven’t problems with Fury, although I’m not sure about RG fight without Triunity bonus.

So now I have 3 about equal variants and don’t know which is the best:

  1. BoM + PoC + CoA
  2. Zodiac + Mortick’s + CoA
  3. Zodiac + Mortick’s + WC
    Zei’s + No Escape + Bloodshed are in all three variants

Well I played around with RCR more tonight and you can do it but I don’t think it is beneficial unless you have perfect gear. My gear is quite good and I have to give up offense to get rid of CotA.

I was doing my testing with my speed run set where I run 105’s in the low 6 minutes (average). In this setup I run with the CotA, Ruthless, Enchantress, Gogok. CDR is 68.24%, RCR is 33.8%. I changed the gem in my helm to Topaz; used WC charge, templar, Earthen Might, CDR is 62.63% and RCR is 42%. Anything less than these changes and I am can get starved of fury. But with this setup I am no longer Fury starved.

Look at the damage I had to give up to remove CotA. Ruthless ~12%, no enchantress so one less break point ~2.5% and CDR change ~9%. What did I get for giving up over 20% of my damage? Some defense, no Ancients cluttering the screen and more cool-down management making sure I don’t become fury starved.

Doesn’t seem like a good trade off to me.

I added Unforgiving. It’s ~12%.
I still have enchantress.
I have exactly the same CDR.
With enchantress IAS on zodiac don’t increase my attack speed. So replacing IAS to RCR doesn’t decrease my damage.
I have STR/AD/RCR/CDR on my shoulders. It doesn’t decrease my damage.
I want to replace STR on both weapons to RCR. It’s ~5% of damage (because I could replace it with 10% dmg).
So you have to give up just two things: Ruthless and 10% dmg stats on your weapon.

For speed runs I replace Stricken to Gogok. With Gogok you can just put WC, IP, WotB to numlock and have IP/WotB 100% uptime. RG fight become longer but it’s not important for low GR’s.

P.S. Currently I have 62.65 CDR and 40.38% RCR.

From my testing, earthen might is way better than unforgiving. At 40% RCR it costs around 9 fury for one slam. That takes about 4 seconds of doing nothing for one slam. If you go with earthen might with the templar you get approximately 5 slams per leap. This alone gives you close to 2 seconds of continuous slamming. Without the templar you only get 3. Very noticeable in the difference between how many slams you get out with WC and leaping using the enchantress. If you go this route I highly recommend the templar.

Still not sold on putting skills on num-locks. Yes it is smart, but it takes away from some of the skill to play the game. I haven’t done it but I can see why you do it especially for speed runs.

I will take out Stricken for my 105 and see if I can run faster than I do now.

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I tried this and it seems do better. Thank you.

I tried templar (used ASI intsead of on Zodiac to get the same attack speed) and it seems with enchantress I can do one level higher. I don’t know why. Probably the difference in their behavior.

You need a lot of paragon to trade off strength on weapons to get something else such as attack speed or damage.

If you have 20k strength and get rid of 2k strength off your weapons you take a 10% hit in damage and also lose some toughness. If you put attack speed on your weapons you only pick up around 2.5% more damage because SS is relatively slow, so you really need around 40k before trading strength for attack speed becomes worthwhile. Trading for 10% damage on weapons comes at anything above 20k strength.

Acording to my simple caluclation that doesn’t take in account AD/Bloodshed/etc Ruthless gives 9.4% to damage: 100/(70/1.0 + 30/1.4) = 9.4%.
10% DMG on two swords instead of RCR gives 10% to damage. By the end of a season you can have over 20k STR.
So by replacing Ruthless and %DMG you give up 17% of your damage (20/120 = ~17). In return you get toughness that allow you to leap less and to shoot more. With EM probably just one RCR stat or your shoulders is enough.

Without any ASI on your equipment you have 80 ASI (10 + 15 + 30 + 25). It’s 24 FPA. With 7% IAS on both swords it’s 22 FPA. So IAS on both swords gives you 9-10% to damage depending on amount of ASI you have. With Zodiac 7% IAS may be better than 10% DMG because of more Zodiac’s procs.

Taking your numbers if you have 22 FPA and you take Strength off your weapon and replace it with 7% IAS you will end up at 21 FPA which is a 4.76% increase for one hand or a 2.38% overall damage increase.

If you had 21k strength and decreased it to 20k strength. This is a decrease in overall damage of 5%. The lower your strength the bigger the percentage becomes.

Strength applies to all damage, IAS only applies to the weapon it is on.

You have to be careful when trading stats trying to find something that is beneficial. Also this only looks at a damage multiplier. If you are getting more attacks off, it could cause more fury problems, increase your healing, increase bloodshed damage, ect…

My numbers were 24 and 22 FPA. It’s 2 FPA difference.
To get 22 FPA without IAS you need 2 ASI stats. With 2 ASI stats you get 20 FPA with 3% from enchantress. It’s again 2 FPA difference.

P.S. I believe the most players that use Zodiac have exactly 1 ASI stat on equipment. It’s 23 FPA without IAS and 21 FPA with IAS.