[Guide] 2.6.6 MOTE6-IB-Cold/Pro-Slam +128 (NS & Season 18)


I uploaded this demo video on YouTube. If you are interested, you can take a look.


Is CoE + Unforgiving much better than Zodiac + Ruthless/Berserker Rage?


Awesome thanks. I ll put it in the OP as well.


There’s 65% CDR in the profile. With 31.5 sec CD you can synchronize WotB/CotA with CoE. So effective uptime is 75% (2 cold + 1 notcold vs 1 notcold).


Hi Storm. Great job on the amazing clears!

This video is just a demo, right, not the first part of your 121 clear?


Thanks too! Have fun!


yes,this video is just a demo.my 121 clear is later than this time.With good luck to get the help of Motor Pylon.


yes,CoE can give you much more damage.But I choose BoM and The Compass Ross as my 2 Rings.Without BoM,you will become too fragile to survive.


Using Storms build I just cleared GR118 NS60. One really good level with good mobs. I was making progress taking out trash, throw in the elites and I was around 5 minutes ahead of the timer without a condo, power, attack speed. I did get a shield but that isn’t really needed. This build has a ton of defense as long as you hit your skills at the right time.

Still not sure which build I like the best. Seems like there are several varieties of SS that work really well. I am playing this build a bit more just because the defense is so good. Going without BoM I would highly recommend for players with 5k paragon if anyone wants to give it a try.



Can we get a sticky for this build? I am in the process of grinding out 119 and it doesn’t seem that it will take long for that to happen. I have been 2 minutes ahead of the timer several times on the first level with just a good map and ok mobs. I just need 2 good/ok levels back to back and it will be done.

Normally I am approximately 10GR behind the top players in a particular build because of my paragon, gem level and my refusal to spend 1000 keys to grind out one more level.

If that holds true for this build, top players would be around 128-130 with the build.

Also, Storm cleared 121 at 2.1k paragon which puts it in strong competition with Rages leap quake clear of 123 at 2.4k paragon. Even in Storms video that he posted on his 121 clear, you can see that it wasn’t a magical clear.




Agree. Also, my 121 clear was with nearly the exact same paragon: 2.1k. It’s a very close thing between Slam and EQ now.

A little beside the point, but I don’t think that was part of his actual 121 clear. Just a video he made for “educational purposes”.


I’m pretty sure only Nev or another mod can sticky. It isn’t a trust level perk.


Agree but it is Free that has the “in” with Nev that got all the other guides stickied.


Request submitted. Can’t promise anything, of course, but bear in mind they’re preparing for Blizzcon and may not get to requests in a timely manner.


Thanks Free:grinning:

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pinned it is, thanks CM…


That is nice. I also edited contents at required places considering CC pushing variety (IK beginner friendly with AD>IAS>CdR and CC for pushing CdR>AD>IAS).


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