[Guide] 2.6.6 MOTE6-IB-Cold/Pro-Slam +128 (NS & Season 18)


Mortick’s + Destruction, Peak in Cube, Istvan’s equipped? Not sure it would be much stronger than current IK 6 Slam. What would Mortick’s offer?

More toughness and more healing. But it’s not gonna offer more DPS.


I wonder what would be the combined effects of Slaughter and Arreat in a full IK slam as they would add some damage between 15-20 yard range. Probably still weaker than M6-IK2-Istvans but still need to test it to be sure.

Also we could add CoE instead of Royal ring in compared to Pro-Slam


That damage is negligible–past 60 or so and all it does is tickle mobs. They’re not amplified by additional multipliers since they’re base damage percentages, not modifiers to skills.


Mortick for this build is not easy and it changes the play style of the build all together. I have done this prior to the patch and it works.

First you need 100% up time on WotB for it to work. To do this you need zodiac and a fast attack speed, so trade RoRG for Zodiac. Only real choice for weapons is Istvan’s with a small, very small, possibility of going Echoing Fury and Pig sticker. With Istvans, you can get to 100% up time on WotB and Call of the ancients.

Previously I used Together as one as my rune for CotA and had Fury of the Ancients in the cube. Now you can wear mortick, cube BOD (to maximize damage bonus) and switch rune on CotA to fury of the ancient. You will now be better off because of the additional LPFS.

I didn’t have time to test it out on PTR, but the Mortick for this type of build is going to be a lot like Mortick for HotA. It is better but it’s not going to get you 5-6GR. It will be one or 2 depending on which passives you get to use. For me I would be able to get rid of bloodthrist for an offensive passive.


Slaughter isn’t terrible damage with IK6. But since it only gets buffed by global increases and physical increases, it really loses its value in GRs.


You may want to add a note for Hardcore :skull: players.

If you move from IK2/MotE6 to IK4/MotE6 it makes for a very solid HC build.

The 4-piece bonus form IK makes it a breeze to maintain WotB 100%, which is huge for HC.


Note has been updated for Hardcore players at section XIV. Mortics is included considerin next patch.


i really want to push with that build again, last season doing a 117 with rorg buff solo self found(ok doing some 2player with a friend but really not that much) with 1800p but not so good gear/ very poor area dmg - but my motivation to keep going isn’t there right now so i’ll wait for some eventual buffs in the future…


If BoD 5 enemy limit removed/upgraded, then it will the time to play this build. Currently its power locked with it.


I’m still hoping we get our Fjord Cutter idea from the proposal. That would help make this build much, much stronger.

Fjord in one hand, and what in the other? Azurewrath? Pig Sticker? Hmm…


That will need some testing. But may be Sunkeeper. Extra 30% Elite dmg will contribute a lot considering we have 0 elite damage, it will be a 30% multiplicative buff :wink: We need to look for 7% IAS, 24% AD and 30% Elite dmg.


However, I am concerned with losing the 30% armor buff Istvans provide. Maybe offhand could be a shield.


What about Echoing Fury? This build have a lot of potencial to kill trash. I’m thinking too, if EF give Legacy IAS, It won’t have a huge impact in 2H weapons?.
I know this not the post to ask this, but what is better 2H weapon hitting at 2.5 APS, or 2-1H weapon at 3.7/3.3?


The first thing I will try after the patch :wink:


I don’t think EF will help the build. EF and my personal favorite Pig sticker are close to as good as istavan’s but I think the later is still stronger. The reason why they make a better combination for LOD HotA is because you get a better set bonus than IK with EW.


What about Utars Roar - the blacksmith crafted axe? It has native 20% cold damage.


That is only a 12-14% additional damage. With Istvans you get 30% IAS and 30% more damage which is much better.


I am thinking of Echoing Fury+Sun Keeper. As we have 0 elite damage, Sun keeper will be a 30% Multi to elites (where the build is slightly weaker).


I think we got switched somewhere in here between talking about what offhand item you’d use IF the buff Free and I suggested for Fjord Cutter were applied (large increase to attack speed and damage for SS) and what weapons to use for the build in its current state.

I’d be pretty surprised if anything beat out IB, currently, though I do agree with Pro that EF / SK would be worth a shot.

Pro, did you ever see the math I ran on the actual toughness contribution of IB? I think it was only about 6% extra toughness. The extra damage and attack speed is hard to beat, though.


6% extra toughness is actually huge. As DR still scales linear eventhough armor scales diminishing. I kind of feel it whenever I use something other than IB. Some testing is needed once patch is out. I think IB will still be the king as echoing fury will be useless when density dies down