[Guide] 2.6.6 MOTE6-IB-Cold/Pro-Slam +128 (NS & Season 18)


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GR119 in 13:48 for number 54 NS took around 100 keys. I was more picky on my starting level. I only took outside zones for the most part I would say I ran less than 20GR most keys where open then immediately close.

Of the levels that I ran, it wasn’t hard to get 2 minutes ahead of the timer. The harder part is getting good levels back to back. On the push I had 3 other near misses.

This was a 2 level clear, and the first level was really good and I got 4-5 minutes ahead of the timer. Second level wasn’t good but good enough that I went down to around 3.5-4 minutes ahead of the timer. Condo helped me finish off 2 elites, same for speed. No power but I did have a shield for the RG.

I took out Ruthless as a passive and changed it with earthen might. In this case when CotA is down you can still slam around 3 times then leap and slam some more. Seemed much better than having no fury at all.

There should be a couple of levels left for me. I might level up another round of gems before I push GR120.


Well done!:grinning: I had use earthen minght as one of my Passive skills when I clear GR119.
But this may losing about 10% of damage.So this is an exchange. If you want to play a Smoother build, it’s a good choose.


I just cleared 114 casually with CC variant. However, I kept the IAS on my main hand but switch to CdR and AD on the other hand. 58% CdR seems to be the sweet spot for IP. There is a second of down time so you need to keep leaping and stunning mobs. In that meanwhile. Also, RG fight has 10-12 seconds of no attack times. I try to leap on the boss so that stricken keeps stacking in that mean while.


Hey Pro I was getting this guide ready to pop onto Dfans next week and noticed you don’t have ideal stats listed for shoulders. Can you please add that to the guide? Thanks bud!


Done. Please note I edited the guide so this is the updated state.

Also observations about CC variant: I saw that in this version we cannot really aim for 50 yards shooting range but follow the oculus circles. Most of the time average fighting range is 20 yards so I think Bane of Powerfull will be stronger. Elite damage stat and the 2-3 min lasting elite kill buff will benefit us much much more now.

Storm, you should try powerful instead of zeis may be?

The only problem could be losing the Zei s stuns, which apparently makes ranged builds better. But i think we may elevate the build s potential a bit more.


D3planner link for builds ready: Slam Builds


Powerful may work out but i think it would require more fishing to get the right rift. You don’t need the elite damage reductions so that is kind of a wasted stat. Also you don’t always count on elites for progressing. SS is more for a trash clearing build with the occasional elite thrown in. It is also hard to count on your elites being the first 5 mobs hit so your AD splash damage is going to be less.

I haven’t tried Powerful yet, but I will give it some runs to see if it works out. I think Zeis is going to be much better in the long run.


OK. I will have a try.But now I agree with Felix’s opinion——“Zeis is going to be much better in the long run.”

I also now trying Berserker Rage instead of Ruthress as one of my passive skills. With the help of CC, it looks working well.


Let me know how Berserker Rage goes. It only worked for me if I went with the templar.


Because of CC, now you can reduce 28% of Fury.So this really helps to use Berserker Rage.
Another important skill is you should first start WOB,then strat COA.Ancient’s attack speed would be higher and Fury production would be faster.


Yes I tried bane of powerful and it does not work well. Zeis damage is much more. I think as we have so mych dibs, we need multipliers.

By the way, the damage buff by CdR in CC set, is it additive dibs or it has a multiplier on its own. Anybody tested this?