Grouping with friends issue


Since the last patch, there is a random issue where the person joining the game will appear not to be part of the party. He will not receive party messages, and he will not be able to send either, receiving an error about not being part of the party.

If that player leaves the game, it will take a very long time before he actually leave. In the menu, he won’t be able to switch character. Should the host leave the game and restart a new one, he will automatically join it even though he wasn’t seeing the party.

Leaving the game is required to get rid of the party, but then the issue will probably crop back up right after joining your friend. This issue occured to me and some of my friends over the last few days.

Thank you for looking into it, and feel free to ask for any further details.

BTW, I tried restarting battle net too in case this issue was related.

Cant message in party

Would be nice if this got fixed…can’t really play very well with any of my friends :frowning:


Having this issue as well, I am surprised this is the first post about it given a lot of people in general chat complaining about it.

This needs more traction to get noticed for tech support.


Same for me and my group. Luckily we are in the same house playing but NEEDS to be at least acknowledged.

"You are not in a Party" ... STILL!
Party Chat and leaving party

Today, when grouping with the same friend, I could chat and leave game, but I could not join back in (resume), it would tell me I could not start a new game else it would cancel all the invites. I had to leave the party and click back on his name to join in once I had changed my character.