GRift Capability with this Gear?

Hey friends. Thank you all again for your help, guidance and advice. I have come SOOO far. I have gathered all the gear. Now I need some last mentoring to get the most out of this season.

First - my build should be available in the armory link. Rocking the Wastes set with Mortick’s, Ambo, Gimmer, Lamentation and the Ring combo of Convention and Might. My follower has Flavor of Time and Oculus.

I have no issues with damage, however I do occasionally get one shot in GR 70+. These damn casters. It’s like dodgeball. Not sure how anyone does 80+?

I essentially pop war cry, ignore pain and leap (with band of might) to get into the fray and all is well until i get popped by a fireball or whatever. Is there something I’m missing or do i need to learn how to just get out of the way?

Also - based on the gear i have - what is my max theoretical GRift clear? 100+?

Thanks again and can’t wait until next season for a new character and progression!

Drop Leap / Iron Impact for Ground Stomp / Wrenching Smash to proc Band of Might and gather mobs into tight packs for Area Damage (from manually cast Rends) to take maximum effect.

Drop War Cry / Charge for Battle Rage / Swords to Ploughshares for 10% damage, 3% CHC and the healing it provides.

You’re using a one-handed ethereal (with In-Geom’s power on it) and an Ambo’s Pride, with Messerschidt’s Reaver power in the Cube. Ideally you want an ethereal Grandfather (two-hander) with the power of either Ambo’s Pride (preferred) or The Furnace on it, and you Cube the other power.

Chest - reroll the reduce damage from elites to 15% Rend
Shoulders - reroll the VIT to 15% Rend
Gloves - I’d actually reroll the STR to 8% CDR for quadfecta gloves
Belt - reroll the 10% Frenzy damage to 15% Life
Legs - you need new ones with STR / VIT / All Resist
Boots - you need new ones with STR / VIT / All Resist / Armour (or Life Regen)
Helm - reroll the 15% WW damage to VIT (all your damage is from Rend, not WW)
COE - reroll the STR to CHD (so you have CHC / CHD / AD)
Ambo’s - reroll the Bleed into 10% CDR (to maintain up-time on WOTB easier)

Also, you seem to be using the Templar as a follower. The Enchantress is a better choice, purely for her level 10 ability which gives a choice of 10% elemental damage (so, 10% physical for Rend / Bloodbath) or 10% CDR (to maintain up-time on WOTB easier).

You’re not using the Boon of Bul-Kathos passive, which reduces the base CD of WOTB from 120 to 90 seconds, making it way easier to maintain 100% up-time on WOTB.

wow thanks!!

I have just started trying to work REND into my rotation…harder to manage Fury, but clearly does a CRAPTON of damage.

and thanks also for ALL the reforge possibilities. That’s why this game is fun…always something to upgrade and make better.

I have a nice weekend project now :slight_smile:

I have looked at your barb I will let you look at my barb so you can see what you need to do. As well as give you a link to a guide that is still good even though it is a bit outdated. And you can ask questions in that thread that someone will answer. Firs link of my build below.

I am in the speed spec for WW.

And the link to the guide

This isn’t the OP’s first thread. They were given build links in previous threads, and links to heroes in the IK/HOTA build (that they started with) and WW/Rend build (that they’ve transitioned into) so they could see appropriate gear / affixes / abilities / runes…

After season 24 he will need something different that will help him in non season. But I guess the other guides that are at either icy veins or maxroll are better than Free’s guide according to you. Although I know that Free’s guide helped me better than maxroll or icy veins. I like it because it goes into depth. Even though there should be an upgraded guide. Don’t know how it can be done without Free being able to accomplish it. Even though he did turn the reigns over to one of the posters he knows well that can do it.

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Free’s guide is certainly the magnum opus on the subject, but some people don’t pick things up well by reading.

Luckily, we don’t have to choose! There are great written guides here, excellent visual guides at Maxroll, and some decent video guides on youtube.

But it also hasn’t been updated for the last few seasons.
For example, there’s no mention of ethereals in there for Season 24.

Yes, that’s true. I believe Free wanted to make the guide a wiki, but didn’t have the TL to do so, and now he’s not around enough to regain TL 3, so that will probably never happen.

That said, all that really means for this season is that you tell somebody “use Grandfather!”

The guide at maxroll is only good for seasons not non season. If they have a non season variant then it would be okay as long as what they have is accurate.

His guide is still accurate enough to help out with the basic information which hasn’t changed any at all. Along with still having those that are there that will answer any questions that you have about the Rend Zodiac guide.

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Or just tell someone to inspect the leaderboard and copy them. That always gets Free’s blood pressure going. Miss the dude anyways maybe it will get him to make an appearance. Lol hahahah…

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At the top of all the maxroll build guides there’s a toggle for season vs. non-season.

I haven’t looked at the barb ones to see if they are accurate (and I probably wouldn’t be able to tell anyway!), but they are there.

Didn’t notice that so thanks for the heads up. I can check it against what I know later on.

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They’re good now. A little while back there were a few issues, but I went through each of the guides with Rob and helped clear them up. It’s a great resource for people who are more visual and have a hard time with reading a lengthy “Diablo Dissertation” by me or Free…

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Thanks, ShadowAegis. I also think my guide is better than Maxroll’s :rofl:

I’m not around much, but you’re right: I need to update the guide. Thing is, every Season requires an update because of some minor Season-only additions. It’s annoying to update the guide for something that’s only going to be viable for 3 months, ya know?

I’ll see what I can about getting it updated after the next patch.

At this point, they should give us Ph.D.s for all the crap we’ve written here.

:face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Pretty much. I don’t come to the forums very often these days, and over time your TL drops, and the nonsense busy work required to regain TL 3 is, well, ridiculous. The whole forum system here is ridiculous, but the TL thing is laughable.