Greater rifts dont take rekord

Hey i clear today 127to 132 but my rekord is still 126 i dont know what to do to fix this issue
i did already relog and repair the game but still no change

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same. I did 150 today but i don’t see it in my record. Hope it will be fixed

Same here, improved PB from 131 in 9:26 to 132 in 9:44, not recognized by game (servers).

Please fix ASAP!

Can’t be that difficult, can it?

now at 134:

and now at 135:

none of them has been recognized…

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The bug is back on EU…

Same thing as before… no announcement in chat, personal record not updated but blood shard cap is increased.


So, the game DOES recognize the new record.

That means there must be a connection issue between the game and the chat service, and the service that updates the ranking lists.

Seems to me that a server reboot or a restart of certain services should fix the problem.

Same problem. Cleared 150 twice. Does not show. Will the records be saved and
restored ?

I have same issue.
I have cleared GR 135 and GR 136 twice but my current record is still 134

Same here, cleared a 130 and 131 today. it still says that my record is 129

Same problem right here…old record was 134, i cleared 135 - 136-137 and 138 now in time and nothing mentioned in chat or leaderbords

The issue of GR clearance records not being registered properly on the EU servers is a repeated issue that, at this point, has been re-occurring for a couple of years. When Blizzard temporarily deal with the symptoms (they’ve never addressed and fixed the root cause) sometimes the clearances get added to the leaderboards, and sometimes they do not. It’s all down to the vagaries of Blizzard.

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ON EU - Did a 133 with my DH and 115 with my monk both are not registered
My maximum shard count went up from 1810 (131) to 1830 (133). (so something is working)
If I look at my records for this season the old maximum rifts for my DH and Monk are still there

same there - region eu - 30 min agoe done 150 solo necro in 11:28

We’re currently looking into this issue. There are a few live threads on the topic in the bug sections but will keep this thread updated most. Stay tuned and thank you all for sharing.


positive news from the EU region, 3 registered records on 3 different server.
Seems to work .


Me too… new personal record got recorded…

Also, records effected yesterday were also credited… good news for those who had completed higher end gRifts.

@Blizzard, good job… thx.


So the issue has been addressed for now. What is still a bit worrying is that this thing keeps popping up periodically. Why hasn’t the root cause of this been fixed yet?


So I think my thoughts about a connection issue between different services may not have been too far off.

Anyway, thanks for fixing it.

Edit: yes, my new PB is now reflected in the ranking lists:

EU servers should be working as of this morning and we will keep an eye out on this thread to see if there are any missing reports for clears. Wanted to give a warm thanks for sharing everyone!!


Try a GR with a new DH and everything is fine!