Great, say goodbye to PC Diablo4

sure tell me it will still exist… garbage also exists…

D4 will be 99.9% designed for the console, and it will suck because of it.

This is the worst news about blizzard in the last 20 years. gj selling out and killing the greatest game company ever.


I think I read somewhere that Microsoft is kind of fond of PC apps. I could be wrong… :sunglasses:


Usually useful ones too at least xD

How can we miss you if you won’t go away?


OP is just a regular forum troll looking for the next thing he will troll about. Just ignore him.


You should totally make an “I’m quitting Diablo IV” thread as a result of the announcement.


lol he missed the mark on this one. that would’ve been funny.

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I want my refund. I bought a Blizzard PC specifically to play vaporware. If I don’t get my refund, I quit.


Diablo 4 will get the polishing everyone wanted. What’s so bad about it?

Nothing if it happened 2 years ago when it was mentioned.

Wait, are you announcing that you’re quitting D4 years before it even comes out?


But then we wouldn’t have these great news (since D4 would boost Blizzard revenue and stability) and a bright future. Let the old management RIP and the folks that can manage such big project come in.


MS actually favors PC in many cases with games like Age of Empires and the timed PC exclusive MS Flight sim.

Yeah. But in case you don’t know, OP is a regular forum troll that just spew garbage from time to time. His profile is hidden for a reason.

I’d even say owning Diablo franchise IS the main reason Microsoft is buying AB.

We did it folks. Together.

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I know they can do a better job at least. Least i have a new pc to look forward to xD

to be fair though they also have a history of not favoring PC with Halo(the original) not launching on PC until many years later so who knows.

But that was ages ago. Nowadays there’s 0 reason to own a Xbox as essentialy everything is coming to PC too. It’s completely unreasonable to even think that they would buyout a PC studio and take their PC-centered franchises and turn into console exclusives (or neglect PC in any way) when Microsoft doesn’t do that with their own games anymore.

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I agree that the focus will be Mobile and Console.

I’m not sure what’ll happen to PC players, but the future is once again up in the air for Diablo 4.

At least Bobby K is out when the deal closes, he’ll likely need help carrying that golden parachute on his back though.

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No, it’s not. Nothing will change for D4 on PC.