GR65 Monk Sunwaku set, Angiodox would take no damage

Unsure wtf was going on. Had Angiodox as final GR 65 boss, and Wave of light with 13 stacks of Sweeping wind would cause NO damage on it. I hammered and hammered that beast, and it seemed it had a damage shield, and the shield wouldn’t go away so I could kill it. Eventually, I think the shield dropped, and I may have gotten it’s damage down to 1/2 but It finally got me. :frowning: WTF? Very frustrating… all Was going well until then… :frowning:

Were you standing on the area effect? Oh well.

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I don’t know. I can’t remember a GR boss that had a damage shield. very frustrating. Thanks for your reply

Sounds more like a missile dampening shield if it did not go away. With this WOL has to literally drop straight on top of the boss as it will not expand.