GR 46, 99% to Guardian, game crashes, dead

This crappy game has randomly DCed and crashed, usually when I’m 4/5 and almost done with a 5th bounty, or when I’m almost finished with a Rift or GR.

Never played Hardcore before, but I had leveled up a Demon Hunter with no help, was up to Paragon lvl 212 or so, had 3 decent gems leveled to 25-39 range.

Running a GR 46, 99% to the rift guardian, game freezes and crashes. Come back, apparently I’m dead. Even had two death mulligans on talent and chest armor in cube.

Disappointing to say the least. Well that’s my one foray into HC. No more of this, just wasted time and dead because of a crappy game that crashes and DCs ALL THE TIME. I mean several times a day. Garbage.

Well don’t play a mode if you don’t enjoy it by all means!

But if it’s not to late to add some feedback… What make this game more enjoyable is the little bit you play in group…
Like asking for plevel, or doing split bounties, or asking help for conquest, or even running some GR in group (goes faster)…

To organise that there is one in game spot: the community channels! :slight_smile:

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Sounds like you experience a lot of dc’s. Join a clan, if the system has issues usually the whole group or part of it becomes affected. Watch ping, if it turns orange, return to town, and if necessary, drop game level drastically, leveling gems, and try later. The game rarely dc’s 3x/day, and if so, in a clan you usually hear about it fast.

It could be something in your system. Malware that’s “calling home,” or something that starts to run in the background, modem issues… Consider doing some sleuthing. We all get dc’s sometimes, and it can be nasty, my wife dc’d around level 1000, with amazing gear. That pretty much ended the season for her. A death “mulligan,” as you call it won’t help in a dc. Sure it brings you back for some seconds and then you die again–permanently.

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