Gr 150 how much toughness is needed?

I see some people are using Aughild’s set for extra dmg. Using that means losing around 75% dmg mitigation, I die so fast, even at gr 140. I could stack more vit, but then I’d lose more dmg mitigation from the dex.

I’m wondering the same. Most spots on the solo monk leaderboard (eu) are with Aughild’s. Not that I’m interested in getting on the leaderboard… My guess is that with Aughild’s you fish for open maps where you can move around freely and not get stuck. But I don’t know, so any input would be welcome.

Just walk around for the traveler buff until cold cycle, dash to the elite, activate serenity, place inner sanctuary and attack something for loh healing. After the fire ally attack, walk around again and pull elite.

Paragon helps with overall toughness.
I did my first 150 with 2k. At this point i completed all further 150 GRifts without any trouble.

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I did 150 with the Lefebvre’s + Spirit Guards setup, and I actually found it was almost too tanky. I tried Aughild’s but found it too squishy for my taste for solo. I experimented with some alternative setups with only one of Lefebvre’s/Spirit Guards and dropping the other for something different (either swapping out the cube item or dropping RoRG to wear Inna’s boots and cube Crudest), but there just aren’t really any compelling alternatives. I kind of wish there was a good middle ground. That would be ideal for me I think. Lefebvre’s + Spirit Guards has lower damage but almost too much toughness, and Aughild’s has good damage but not quite enough toughness. Splitting the difference would be ideal for me.