Good bye to Wiz Chant in next patch


I think you have hit the nail on the head. I got the impression that this was their policy for ALL builds.


Why would there be cows? :thinking: It’s not like there’s a cow level or anything. That would be absurd.

Seems like fair feedback. I’ll make sure it’s noted/mentioned in the feedback documentation for Necro.



Um yes…um…ok… I keep forgetting the cow level is a lie :wink:


Can we please get a top hat transmog? Or even open the game up to transmog mods? :joy:(I’m sure no-one would abuse that idea…)


This is just sad. Every damn wizard damage buff turns out to be a bug.
CoE is the one to blame. You could just shift a bit of damage from wand to arlyse ring, resulting a balanced damage output between arlyse chantodo build and CoE one, but you’re nerfed it completely because just CoE is overperforming.

Now arlyse chantodo build is complete trash.


Oh gosh. Transmogs are actually really tough to pull off, so we don’t do them often. That’s because they need be modeled on fourteen different characters (two genders, seven classes). It’s a lot of both art and engineering (as well as subsequent testing) work.

Not saying never. But probably more unlikely than pets, portrait frames, and wings (which are a teeny bit more lenient than transmogs).

On a related note, because I totally forgot to put this in the patch notes and it’s my bad, we are adding new cosmetics next patch for Season 19. Just like the Galactic Wings in S17, there will be a pet and portrait frame available for completing the whole Season Journey. This is in addition to the Season 7 rewards that will be making a return for completing Chapter IV.


Why no nerfs to starpact?
98% of people are using a macro wich is not legal.


Because they’re only fixing bugs they wan’t to, damn them. Worst developers ever.


Literally the most idiotic gameplay has been the undisputed trash killer for 2 years now. Channeling and transforming while a meteor is falling and dealing damage every 32 sec. That’s Blizzard-approved gameplay.

Chantodo was stronger than all else - but it’s fast, fun and FINALLY an alternative to rat runs. Nope, can’t have that. Rats for speed, starpact for push, rinse and repeat until the sun becomes a white dwarf.


TLDR Patch Notes: We here at Blizzard dont care the players think Vyrs Chantotos in its current state is fun . So were NERFING it into a build that wont be used anymore
@NEV this feedback needs to be addressed and the Build should be left working as it is


Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. Was going to run a Sader next season anyway. Good old fist of heavens is back.


Rather than nerf chantodo they should’ve nerf that stupid bazooka build.


I kinda agree, but I’m guessing Blizzard haven’t been able to come up with a good replacement yet for the group meta. Maybe with the next batch of new sets?


Not sure what is going to happen with meta, but it is going to change in a big way looks like.

And the bazooka build was anything but stupid.

Guys in my clan that play it don’t use a script as they say it is a very easy build once you understand it’s mechanic’s.

So to each his/her own.


It is in a sense that the build alone could clear say a solo GR135 in 2 to 4 mins, but still isn’t able to kill the RG in time.


Which is why it is usually in a group of 4!


While I appreciate the effort I fail to see the catch. Legendary items sound awesome but new ‘sader Set looks abit too direct from a gameflow point. This season you people really nailed it with risk-reward and trade-offs, I was expecting more interesting takes. Forgive me.
Any chance that at least you look into Barbarians’ Overpower and Revenge skills perhaps? No space left to promote these skills and they’d be bound to LoD/N specs forever?


And that’s my point that they’ve not found a suitable replacement.

Vyr Chantodos was the Solo Wiz component, but I don’t mind the nerf. It will probably just bring it in line with other classes.


Right, like homogenizing all the builds to pour out of a bottle so they’re all the same basically.

Which is kind of boring.
But maybe the game is moving into the past.
Perhaps every one at Blizzard feels D4 will take us all away!


Buffing the other sets would have been better, but you know with Blizz, it’s much easier nerf hammering one build rather than buff multiple. And the end result would have been just the same as you say.