GoD vs Monk Inna Mystic Ally

Hi, I’ve been playing both the dh god and monk’s inna and quite like both the playstyle, I know the GoD could be a tad ahead of the Monk’s Inna in terms of speed (spin to melt stuffs is the best), but im wondering who will do better for pushing higher gr eventually? say gr 130++ ?

I’ve been running Water Ally on the monk and have yet to try out fire (was told the fire is not pleasant/easy to play compared to water) and to push higher GR it has to be fire…

so besides wondering who will perform better, also like to know who’s actually easier to play in higher grounds?


imo dh, the new weapon buriza is too strong i dont get the good legendary on buzira but still able to do 120+ (my buriza legendary is multishoot yang recurve )

This isn’t accurate; they are both fast builds if optimized. I was able to do a 1:45 GR120 solo clear with Inna (fire variant). The key is to use Messerschmidt and In-Geom to reset the cooldown of your Mystic Ally as much as possible.

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after using both speed specs, i’d have to say even if they are both on par or one slightly better than another, the QOL that GoD provide is perhaps much better than inna? on GoD, mobs were actually dead from miles away, and the best part is that there is literally no stops from start to end…inna’s fast too but if you don’t find another elite pack within 15 secs then your teleport stops until the next pack…and I don’t quite like how epiphany teleport works…

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