GoD jerkiness while casting Primary

is there a way to alleviate the way the Strafe basically pauses when casting the primary skill? I find the way the screen movement comes to a stop every few seconds to be a bit disconcerting.

There isn’t a way to cast Hungering Arrow without interrupting Strafe.

The best option I use is to hold down force stop to manually cast Hungering Arrow while Strafing to maintain momentum and optimize the number of primaries fired. I only use Hungering Arrow once every few seconds when traveling between groups of mobs but I cast Hungering Arrow every 0.5 seconds once I’m in combat.

If the jerkiness bothers you, you can just cast Hungering Arrow once every 4 seconds to maintain 16+ seconds of momentum but that won’t be optimal damage since you won’t fire as many primaries overall as well as having a lower average momentum. But this less-than-optimal option isn’t that much weaker.

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