GoD GR115 Question

So, been playing DH GoD since s21 started. I am Paragon 1240, most of my gear is ancients and primals. I have about 6 or 7 level 101 augments in my gear. I’m using taeguk, stricken and strength for my gems. When I solo my GR115, it feels like it takes forever to kill trash mobs and elites. Not sure what I’m doing wrong. Thoughts? Tips?

Do you play on console? I have noticed a big difference in DPS between the Switch- and the PC version, and have concluded that the console version is bugged. With pretty much the same gear and paragon (1000+) I only managed to do GR 119 on Switch, but on PC I have done GR 129. Definitely something fishy going on there.

there are dozens of builds in the ladder.
Tactics are also primitive: collect large groups, search for pylons and enchant area damage everywhere.
only grift plays a role. I used to have lvl 121 max. because then I just have to look for good maps. or there were 5-6 levels without a single pylon.
I am also causal and hardly play.

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Red gems???/ DH would only get amor from that. You need to use Green gems for damage and armor…


OP is referring to the leg gem Simplicity’s Strength

Ah I see makes sense, feel dumb for not realising that myself/sooner. Thanks for the clarification.

OP put a link to your profile or a d3planner build…also probably better results/insight if you move this to the DH forum…

So many questions that need answering…

Which version of GoD (there are many)?
What passives?
How are you playing (strafe around mobs? up close? grouping? dual primary?)??

I’ll be checking in and crossing my fingers hoping you clear! Lot’s of great reco’s above and hope the gem swap helps :slight_smile:

For a deep dive into some builds and strategies the class specific threads can do wonders for your play: https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/d3/c/demon-hunter/18


Thanks I swapped out will companion for boar. I will put my D3 planner up now.

you wanna kick but with this build? make your rings have Crit, Crit, Dmg Range. Doesnt matter what version of abilities you use imo. unless you’re specifically used for trash killing in a 4 man meta, you dont want Crit, Crit, AD, which is what im seeing lately.

No I have all diamond gems. Sorry for the misconfusion.

Try to get plenty of area damage. Spin around and gather mobs.

The bigger the pull the better.

Rinse and repeat.

You should be able to do 120 in seasons without too much problems once you get the hang of it. It’s just like playing WW barb, but easier to gather mobs.

Without looking at your skills/gear etc it’s tough to say. I think I did 115 with only 1 or 2 augs at about 1k paragon…try to stack area damage where you can if you’re trying to get a better clear and look for an open map. (Woods, battle fields, shrouded, dessert,) try to notice which mob types give good progress but not hard to kill or dangerous. (Fatties, swarms, slashers,etc) otherwise just keep working on your augments and try again when you’re more powerful. Even 10 100 level augments with some decent gear can take you up to ten tiers.
There’s some good guides on YouTube if you need more info too.

Strategy for solo GOD DH this season ,

  1. First phase is to find at least 2 elites (blue or yellow) , and then gather all thrash, kill thrash as much as possible to build the seasons stack, look at the timer , you should be around the 2 elites when the time count down around 10 sec . Try to get 40 kills before the buff drops , and use the buffs to kill elites
  2. Mind your progression , and try to get pylons spawn if possible to help you gain advantage , Use it judiciously to kill elites as you move and progress
    3 . Rinse and repeat until you get to the RG, you need 2 mins to kill RG without any help from the buff