GoD DH Exploit wrecking S25

Which is my point. People that are not banned will still retain everything. You’re merely moving the problem from season to non season. And yes, it’s a week today, but as I said, the exploit is not fixed, so reseting now is pointless. We have no idea how long it will take to patch the issue out, might very well be in a month or more.

Which is still a few compared to the playerbase as a whole.

Would you also stop playing non-season permanently because the exploit works in non-season too and people are benefitting from it?

Already stopped playing non season months ago when it became clear that they arent regularly banning the botters there as they do on season. For us who value fair and honest play, the seasonal D3 is really the only gamemode possible.

Yeah, I highly doubt they have two separate systems in place, one for season and one for non season. It’s not like they manually ban people.

There hasn’t been a non seasonal ban for cheaters foe well over a year now. We’ve had multiple per each season with the exception of s24. Anyways that’s another topic, lets not go there.

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How would you know? It’s not like bans are public information.

I get that some people like looking at rankings and thinking “today I’m # 135, but tomorrow I’ll be #134” and they get totally stoked moving up. For them it’s frustrating to know that the top nnn got there by cheating when you’ve put in honest work and their cheating is in the way of your feeling good.

At the same time you need to have the maturity to put that whole thing into perspective. What do cheaters gain by cheating? There’s no reward tied to it, either in game or in real life.

Stop judging yourself by comparing your efforts to others. Make a goal for the season. See if you can beat that goal. Congratulate yourself based on your progress vs that goal.

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Is it possible this is not actually an exploit? I don’t know how it works, so I can’t really say one way or the other. But maybe it’s just a balancing feature that needs to be addressed that slipped by?

Wouldn’t require a song and dance routine to make it work if that was the case I would think.

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Blizzard haven 't even acknowledged that there is a problem yet. When can we expect a blue post at least saying that they’re working on it?

The current suspect for the exploit is the momentum stack gain fix implemented in the latest patch. As you know, previously the stack gains were a bit intermittent and almost non-functional when Calamity was equipped. It is suspected that the devs messed up something and now some obscure method allows to gain infinite stacks very quickly.

GoD was working fine before the patch 2.7.2 and the only thing changed with the patch was that stack gain fix.


In my experience Christmastime isn’t really conducive to getting things done in work related matters.

Video on youtube shows a guy go to his Armory, equip a set called “lag” … go to Ruins of Corvus… lag the game out on hundreds of mobs in a cluster with whatever was in that lag set… then he goes back to Armory, equips a set called “farm” … puts in a GR 150 key and Strafe’s it down in 47 seconds playing like a Whirlwind speed farm barb not a care in the world. Definitely exploit, not balance.


If it’s anything like Shadowlands it’s about a year between feedback and implementation.

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ya, if you are deliberately trying to create lag to use the bug from it, its an exploit. thanks for the explanation.

I don’t frikkin thing so, I’ve almost finished it. Just need another gem to 70 and then a bunch of stupid leg power extractions. Oh and still looking for the Cursed Peat but other than that I’m done.

So I just checked the EU GoD leaderboards and there are 34 people with ultra-low times, who presumably also have higher level gems and paragon than they would normally. That’s 34 legit players who haven’t made it on to the leaderboard.

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Season restart is the worst, least cost-effective way to deal with this. Better options are resetting leader boards and banning exploiters.


I couldn’t care less about leader boards and what people are doing to clear gr150 under a min.
I’m sure most players aren’t playing to compete in leader boards.
I play for my own enjoyment and season rewards, if there is season restart, I will not be re-playing it.

and blizzard where are you?