Gib Gem & Mushroom

Has anybody had issues getting these items to drop? Specifically the mushroom. Ive gone to the location in the cathedral 1st floor countless times (including last season, im on switch) and have never found it. I dont recall ever finding these in any of my other games either. Even when killing chilt(ara)? Whatever the monsters name is for the Gibbering Gemstone.

I have like 10 wirts bells and the staff of herding. Any tips? Is there a bug on console?

The 'shroom is easier to get in my experience with a higher spawn rate, but both are still subject to RNG.

Last time I tried to get them (last season), I could, but I wasn’t on a Switch as I don’t like the native reverse controls.

I got a staff of herding drop in less than 10 boss runs. I dont understand how I can do countless bounties in these areas and go out of my way to find these items and nothing. Since ive started.

Because they’re rare drops.
Rare things happening rarely isn’t a bug, it’s the natural result.

Throughout my entire gameplay? That isnt rarety. Thats buggy.

Pay special attention to the bottom two rows of this Stash tab…