Getting up to and past GR90

I am trying to get to GR 90 and beyond but not sure of my build, so was hoping that someone could give me some pointers…

why did you roll dex on almost every piece of your gear? o.O

Was using Icy Veins as a guide…so I guess by your comment that was not the right thing…LOL

no… not at all… HAVING dex, and having MAX dex are very different. say you gained 400 dex from rolling this everywhere, roughly 4% damage.

those rolls cost you 16%cc, 50%chd, 20% cold, 15% ha, and 20% area dmg. i’d guess this is somewhere around 60% dmg lost.

ha% on belt and its perfect, dawn is awful with 52% cdr but at least you could roll the socket back to a stat, 6%cc on helm, and when you replace the rest of the gear you have, dont do it again lol…


Helm: Life/hit to CHC

Belt: Life/Sec to Hungering Arrow

Dawn: Socket to Cool Down Reduction. Use R. Gift for socket. Find a new dawn with a much better secondary percentage.

And… most of your other stuff could use an upgrade.

Look me up in-game sometime and we can work on your gear if you want.

It is rare to roll dex just to increase it. The other attributes will give a better bonus than a few dex in most instances. You haven’t ‘ruined’ any awesome gear, so no biggie with your current rolls. A learning experience :slight_smile:


Thanks…that is good info…have re-rolled those you suggested…and was able to complete my first GR90…will keep working on it