Get you shi*t together, blizzard! (freezes)

is this the 3-4th season now with these crazy lagg/freze issues on greater rifts? dont you got enough money to get proper servers for the game?

how does it feel that big streamers like Quin laugh at the game and quit because its no point in dying because of this issue?

the issues started for real in the recent seasons and has not gone away since, i cant complete 1 single grift over 90 without getting atleast one 10 sec freeze.

Fix this or i wont bother to try another season on this game again.

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oh now i look kinda dumb, totaly missed this!
i will get on there and give some feedback, hope others do aswell to get rid of this.

Anyway i will let it sit, good for others to see a fix might be on the way. cheers man.


They told us in the past that they fixed the stutters and lag.
Hopefully they do this time

That was a classic rage scene. You should have posted the video of him going berserk.

Q69 is a 12 year old in a mans body.

It’s more than one problem. Bug stomping can be like that. You fix one problem and you reveal, or create, others.

He’s Tom Hanks?

More like Pee Wee Herman.

Pee Wee Herman has a man’s body?

I apologize. I mean no offense, but the jokes practically write themselves. If only they were funny. :woozy_face:

Quin69 has a huge deck though.

I’m getting some weird bugs too in the D3 season. That is why I am holding off pre-ordering D2R, will wait to see the reviews after open beta.

From my experience, only one blizz game provides freezes as an ingame feature (and I have played all blizz games) and that game is D3.

These freezes are not going anywhere.

when he chills down he is quite good to watch, but that would not really matter.

he got a huge following and when he openly says that d3 is trash because of stuff like this, it really puts a bad face for blizzard.

stuff like that alone is a reason they should have fixed this already