General Timeframe for Return of Armory Profiles?


Can you at least gives us timeframe on the Armory Profiles being down? Yes, I use mine on a regular basis. So, you can save all the snide comments about the fact that I don’t need to look at it, and it shouldn’t matter, etc.

Should we expect the downtime to be closer to a week, a month, a few months, a year, a few years, a decade, a few decades, etc… ?


A century or so, give or take.

If the Reapers have arrived and the armory still ain’t fixed, just drop what you’re doing and run for the mountains.


It’s going to depend on what they’re doing behind the scenes. Right now D3’s infrastructure hooks are royally messed up. It coincided with the last major maintenance done on the services (system-wide). It is possible that in order to fix the underlying infrastructure issues that they have to also take the armory API offline. It is also possible that they may need to make changes to said API before all is said and done.

Unfortunately all we can do is guess right now. It can be any number of things, but given the current state of D3’s services integration (or lack thereof), they may well have believed it prudent to eliminate as many possible variables as they can so they can fix the problems sooner rather than later. And who knows, there may actually be an update to make the armory closer to realtime like WoW’s was made. We just don’t know.

TL;DR: No ETA on when the armory will be restored. Don’t expect it prior to BlizzCon though. All hands on deck are prepping for BlizzCon as their first priority. Everything else is secondary outside of emergencies impacting gameplay.


They have 4,700 + employees. I’m sure not all of them are needed to prep for BlizzCon. They can’t spare a few dozen or so to fix their system?


Yeah that’s the issue. Even more importantly why not take the system down to implement the fix versus just taking it down for…reasons?


That’s not how logistics works in a major corporation. You can’t just put people into tasks like this willy nilly, especially if they don’t have the skill set for the job. The team is obviously doing at least some work on it if clan chat is once again available as has been reported by at least one player so far. But this is far from the only task that team has in the lead-up to BlizzCon.

As I noted earlier in the thread, it was likely taken down to aid in either fixing it or other infrastructure. They’re all linked. Oftentimes it is benefitial to shut down a service entirely so that something else can be fixed that is of more importance. In-game clan/community channels are more important than the website armory API, so if they need to bring down the armory API on the website in order to be able to properly work on the other infrastructure, that’s what they’ll do.

The armory will be up when it’s up. The in-game armory does still function in the meantime.


I work as an aircraft mechanic - I am quite aware of how major corporations work, thank you.


Apparently you don’t, otherwise you’d know that you can’t just put anyone on just any job, especially mission critical jobs. I’m pretty sure you don’t want the luggage handlers working on planes now, do you?


Your words, not mine. Let it go.


Nice whiff there. :slight_smile:

Here’s a hint: You won’t win this argument with semantics, especially when folks like myself have been around for many years of BlizzCon and know the drill with regard to the general priorities Blizzard has leading up to the event.


I repeat - let it go. Not interested in getting into an argument with you. I am not LordVictor. Not interested in winning, there’s no fight here to ‘win’.


Soon TM

I.e. some time between now and the end of time…


Sorry… Just couldn’t help myself :rofl:


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Unfortunately, I don’t have a time frame for you. :frowning: If I had one, I would have gladly provided it in the original post.

This is an issue that’s impacting players globally, and we understand how much some players rely on this utility. There is an ongoing investigation into the situation. However, until we can find the source of the issue and deploy a fix for it across all regions, the website armory will remain disabled. As a reminder, the in-game armory is still fully functional and can be accessed through the Leaderboards, Clan profiles, or group inspect.

A Quick Word from Blizzard

Thank you for the update. It would be nice if the webpage said something like that, rather than pointing you to @BlizzardCS. I tweeted them about this, the guy knew nothing about this situation, and suggested that I change my password to see if it would force the web page to display properly. Finally one of his colleagues stepped in and pointed me in the right direction.


Just in case it’s in any way relevant to the investigation (either into the profiles site, or the Battlenet social issues), about a month before you took the Armory profile site down completely, the Friends tab of it stopped working. Also, the EU profiles site was taken down two days before you took US and Asia offline.


I would not be surprised if this does not get fixed until after S18 ends. I am curious as to the end date of the season, as this is a wide ranging issue. The BNet infrastructure has seemingly been out of sorts for a while now. However, if it were to go offline entirely for even a few minutes…

CHAOS will ensue as millions of people, who play Blizzard games daily, flood the servers with angry responses. Basically, a DDOS situation over the entire Blizzard spectrum. You know the folks don’t want that to happen, so things are being taken apart a piece at a time and fixed/rebuilt as needed. The problem: A system as big as BNet’s takes months to find the culprit and deal with it. The solution: Patience and a plea for regular updates, after Blizzcon… Please?

I’m sure people are working on it behind the scenes, but as Blizzcon is 4 weeks away, there aren’t many working full time on it. I would certainly expect an update on this within a week after Blizzcon.

As far as the end of S18, I would think that with this issue being part of the reason an extension would be granted from the initial internal end date, I had 11/24 or 12/1 circled. Now? Maybe 12/8 or 12/15 at the latest, with S19 starting 12/13 or 12/20. It would be nice for someone to answer this question…