Gargantuans - Strange damage

It seems that the additional damage from the elements is calculated incorrectly. According to my calculations, only 30% of the element is added (possibly divided into three huge ones …). I used several things and increased the fire damage to 85%, I also used two rings (normal and
Stone of Jordan, the total damage of the character is identical). In tests with a regular ring, the damage was about 110m, and with Stone of Jordan 145 m … And also, when the hulk becomes huge and takes the form of a restless giant, I did not see an increase of 200% to physical damage when using Stone of Jordan, and the damage became even less, as if the hulk stopped altogether take into account the damage from the elements in the formula!
p.s. It would be nice to increase the damage to the hulks even more so that they can compete with other builds of the season both on the sorcerer and with other classes