Gargantuan's Need A Movement Speed Buff

Not sure if blues will be reading class forums, but hey on the off chance they do I have a suggestion for witch doctor.

I love my garg builds, play them pretty much every season and never get tired of being out with my 3 boys to kill some demons.

However one thing that garg builds lack severely, and I have noticed this much more this season (not sure why the issue is more glaring to me now, but hey…) is movement speed on the gargantuans themselves.

They take a long time to move to new targets, but the place where you really notice how slow they are is when you engage a goblin, they are just horrible at killing goblins, they can’t keep up with them at all.

So yeah, I’d really appreciate it if gargantuans got a buff to their movement speed, at the very least bring it up to par with zombie dog movement speed.


Garg build is actually very single-target. Certain builds will never be able to efficiently kill a gob-pack solo, this is one of them. It’s a core mechanic and I don’t see that fundamentally changing. Maybe movement speed would help, it’s not a terrible idea.

Garg is a pretty bad build, and the set is also pretty terrible, I don’t see this ever changing. Work on one of the new sets that is actually good, like Zuni.

zuni isnt perfect. the 6 piece shouldn’t be about mana spenders. more about how many sexy fetisch u got up. and it lacks a bit of toughness.

like when you´ve 8 up the bonus dmg should be around 10k% and when u get 10 up 15k% dmg, and the reduction should be at max with 8 up. to fix the horrible one shots in higher grifs.


'Sup. :wink:

I’m not sure about addressing movement speed specifically, but we have identified the Garg build as one that might need a little attention (especially because there’s a lot of community love for it). No one patch will ever be an end-all, be-all fix for any particular class’ concerns, and it might take us more than one patch to address over time.

We’re reading feedback, listening to conversations in the overall community, watching streams and videos, and, well, playing the game ourselves. We might not be able to reply to every concern. But we will try to acknowledge and participate in these conversations when we can. :slight_smile:


This is encouraging. I know I can be cynical and critical of d3, but it’s only because I am super passionate about it.

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Hmm, some nice ideas there. However, I’m afraid we will not get mana spenders removed from the set (or even mana spender damage buffed by set itself - in that case the mana spenders might be worthwhile).

Regarding damage reduction, that idea with 8 fetishes (might be even 6-7 based on rune?) is actually really nice; as with Zuni, if you die on the RG, you probably will not be able to get up your damage reduction again - and just die over and over again. Reducing number of fetishes to get set damage reduction might help with that.

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Well, maybe not. but the problem with mana spenders is that there is not a super good skill to use, sure u can use locust swarm and acid cloud for a fast big radius. but both cost so extremely much mana, with enemies dying to fast u dont have mana to next pack, sure u get much mana back, by using Speind dart, but i want a smoother gameplay with those cute guys. should have more ways to proc the 15k%

yeah the max reduction with 8 or less would be preferred.
when doing grifs 100+ u always get oneshoted in grifs, its kinda scary on hardcore.

it’s a fun sett, i am glad to see the support and buffs it has received

just hope we can see some minor tweaks to fix the dmg reduction problem


I would like to see this: “You and your pets take 6% less damage for every Fetish and 2% less damage for every Fetish Sycophant.” The Fetish skill would now provide a significant damage reduction, but there is still an incentive to have added Sycophants for additional damage reduction.

I love gargs, but why does everyone always forget about Zombie dogs :frowning: I would LOVE LOVE LOVVVVEEEE if tall mans finger got a damage buff or a buff to use all dog runes and maybe some supporting shoulders for zombie dog.

WD Garg/Zombie dog builds are horrendously bad, I don’t think they’ll ever get fixed to be viable or in line with builds like Vyr’s/Chantodo. I think those pet builds are just for farming keys.

Garg build is too bad right now. The damage is too low, the pet AI is totally suck. i prefer
exchange the BLACKSMITH mojo to belts, keep the Humongoid rune, and give 70% pet movement speed , 20% attack speed or not.
Also give AI setting option like elite-enemy attack-first, normal enemy-first.

Helltooth Set
becoming Slowed and taking 1500% - 3000% damage every second for 10 seconds.
After casting Wall of Death, gain 10000% increased damage for 15 seconds

The last PTR I believe they read most replies with the GARG. Obviously yours is being read which is great.
The Spite Mojo has promise. I guess we wait and see what they do with it at the start of season 18. I hope they also thought about the Zombie dogs too which desperately need a little love, considering the amount of ways they can be summoned.

There seem to be several posts around the place about skills not transferring to pets. Maybe they will fix the weapons to transfer? I guess we watch, wait and see.

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It remains to be seen if Spite will be so useful that we can overcome losing a slot for another useful item.

I’d recommend that Spite have some other valuable bonus, like cutting the Garg cool down by 30 seconds or something like that. The attack AI issues are lessened if the player is able to cast Gargs at a target when necessary, but we’d need a shorter cool down to do that throughout a rift run.

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Garg cool down on spite would help a lot, allowing one to cast it on top of elites on every pull.

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It is not lost on me that for Necros, Golem and Skeletons auto-cast as long as those skills are on the skill bar. Basically, they never die, they are available 100% of the time. This was a different design decision than for Gargs and Z-Dogs… perhaps the devs had learned something by the time they released the Necro character?

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Oh nice, glad to hear Gargs are on the radar and receiving some love, hopefully in the future this means a movement speed buff too.

Been moving house so things have been hectic around here so its taken me a while to get back to the thread and see this/respond.


Yeah, have been looking at the spite changes and it looks pretty good for giving gargs an overall damage/variety buff.

But sadly using spite means losing 2 very good legendaries such as Ukhapian Serpent which gives you 30% damage reduction (which given how little sources of mitigation WD has out of soul harvest, is MASSIVELY useful)

or the utility of having the extra 20 yard pickup radius through Thing of The Deep.

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I would like to have the rune wrathful protector changed to something useful. Now it has limited uptime and less damage than humongoid which is silly.

In my eyes it should really protect. Give it something like gargantuans wrath periodically taunts / attracts enemies to attack it and offers all Players 30 % damage reduction.

Adding 50 to 65 % CDR for Garg skill to the new Mojo also sounds very good to me.

I also hope they buff angry :chicken: make it tanky and good scaling dmg

I’m sure that this is another part of the discussion, but for HT Garg and LoD DoD, the death penalty is really steep for GR clears. For Garg because of the Skill Cooldown and for DoD specifically on RGs that don’t spawn adds because you can’t regen fetishes. I’m sure I’m not the only one here that would like to see both of those addressed in some fashion.