Game work without cheaters?

The D2 is have cheaters (bot users, map hacks, item dupers).
But this hacks not work in D2R = no easy baal runs, fewer good items, higher item prices.
This new ‘no cheat’ version of game is work or better?

Hopefully there aren’t any cheaters in the game, although I’m not holding my breath. If there are no bots, that means people will actually have to spend their time playing the game to get nice items… That also means those who find nice items don’t see the value of their items drop like a rock after three days into the ladder.


I think without the bots, people who played 1.09 or so and later will have to adjust their expectations on the value of items. Things will be a LOT more expensive than before.

It will be quite interesting to see the “price discovery” market dynamic at work! :smiley:


I was always happy playing without bots or MapHack or any scripts. No it’s not work to play a game. If you need to use the things to enjoy playing the game…perhaps you don’t enjoy it and you should move on.

It will also be nice to see people try to play with just the items they find and not immediately go to high end gear. People will actually have to play the game rather than faceroll the game because they have the most expensive items in the game. I’ll enjoy watching HC people die because they don’t have an inventory full of resist charms…


Don’t worry it won’t be long before the game is full of hacks,bots and dupes. The hacker’s already know D2’s code backwards and forwards which is what D2R is still running on. The hacker’s already proved it by running the assassin and necromancer in the beta. Now it will be up to Blizzard to step up and let warden lose to do it’s thing. Do I have confidence that they will stay on top of it at this point no. So sooner or later it will be back to the same old same old.


There will be cheating, but it’ll be a lot less than in OGd2. Should be a load of fun.


Yep… But hopefully a $40 “getting caught” charge AND getting your chars/items wiped out is a bit more of a deterrent versus falling back to a $1 recycled/stolen keyset.


Bots are already ready and waiting to go. Duping will take longer.

The only real question is: what will Blizzard do about it, if anything?


We’re so used to Blizzard not doing anything about botters because they… Couldn’t do anything about it.

It’s going to be interesting no doubt. I’m sure we’ll be seeing waves of QQ threads about their account being banned soon enough.

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Serious question: do you all think Blizz winks at botters because they buy so many copies? I can’t make up my mind on this one.

My tinfoil hat got smashed, so I can’t participate in that topic of discussion. :laughing:

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I predict a ton of bots popping up as anyone can run a script followed by a ton of people wondering why they are banned and after 20 years of supporting this company they can’t no more.

It happens every game, it’s just how fast the ban waves happen. Dupes usually show up right away, the better bots you shouldn’t notice sadly but will come at some point and then it’s cat and mouse for blizzard.

Hard thing to predict until we see the launch.


From the essays I have seen from bot apologists on the internet, including “bots are harmless in D2 and help to fill pub games, and if you’re faster than the bot you get lots of loot too”, I am wondering sometimes how much of the community wants a strict approach to bans.

I have seen people who have never botted before hoping there’ll be loads of bots and duping so that ‘prices will be low’ both in terms of in-game, and FG. Sigh.

My response: :wave::point_right: :door:

Is there any benefit in a “captcha” like capability at the start of char selection/game start?

Easily defeated with AI these days. It would only become an annoyance for us humans.

Dang! I was hoping we’d get back to the “expensive” economy days like before 1.09! Ya know, that when you found gg you knew you’d struck it rich!

I always like the idea of captcha, they do need a way to verify somehow, but how do you put in a captcha that changes often enough to fool a script until it learns but easy enough to not lock out anyone with disabilities.

Dunno that’s the holy grail I suppose.

I expect dupes to take a little while because of the more recent infrastructure and the removal of TCP/IP but for sure prices will be much higher initially as they should be.

There is a way to do it, but then enters privacy and “spyware” concerns.

It’s a wonder that people still trust antivirus programs.

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