Game locked, Retrieving hero list

this just happened to me as well, right in the middle of a grift

Same for me now :frowning:

I just started getting this now too…wth

same here, season hc toon froze in middle of rift…ughh, and when i try to login it gives me that error msg

It just happened for a second time to me. Blizzard, what’s going on?

Happened twice today. Once in town busy with enchanting, game doesn’t actually dc or crash, but all interactions stop working. I can run around but not interact. Second time, during a set dungeon, suddenly no more enemies spawn, part of the map becomes inaccessible, all timers stop working and since I was on my mighty Steed at the time, I was locked on it. Could run around the part of the dungeon that was cached, but not interact with anything or get off my high horse. Both times I force-closed the game and was greeted with this same error code on my return. Quick google gave me a workaround. In the launcher I changed region to Americas and back to Europe, and managed to continue playing. Blizz please fix!
Playing seasonal crusader on Windows 10 64bit.

Same, code 395002…

Might be temporary. If not, try this official solution guide.

I did a scan and repair, restart (of PC), and then changed game region and loaded the game, and finally changed game region back again. Fixed it for me.

Getting lots of reports of this from EU Technical Support too…

This has been happening to my brother and I since the start of the new season. We were both being power leveled in a full game and all of a sudden the whole party experienced it. When we were able to finally get back into the game, (this took about 20 mins) we had actually lost about 9 levels each and some items we had picked up were gone form our inventory as if we’d never picked them up. I had a 2h sword that was identified as a lvl 47 version of the Zweihander that actually went back to being Unidentified. Completely weird. It happened again a few hours later, we were both in a private game together grinding out our season journey (or trying to anyway) and when we had finished 2x acts of bounties and were headed to town to turn in, the game froze again and the same thing happened…completely ridiculous.

We are losing progress / gear and precious time…as well as simply not being able to play the game entirely, due to the anxiety of not knowing if it is going to continue to happen and pose an issue throughout the entirety of the expansion. Please BLIZZARD resolve this. You will for sure lose a large amount of your player-base because this kind of crap is unacceptable.

What the hell is going on? The game just randomly soft freezed two times now in like 1 hour (in town and during a boss cutscene). Keep in mind i am playing HC so every freeze can be the end of my character! I can still somewhat interact with the client like pressing ESC to go into options etc but cant move my character at all cant even leave the game lol. Then after ALT F4 it wont let me connect for like 10 minutes saying: "There was an error loading the hero. Please try again. (Code 395002)

Playing this game now since release and the last time i had frezzes was during season 1. I can with confidence say its not my PC or my internet connection but it seems like something client to server side is messing up big time.

Just happened to me, tried to teleport out of GR after I completed. All the portals depsawned, the bar got stuck at 100%, can’t cast it anymore, can’t teleport to anything in map. Had to quit game and couldn’t log in for several minutes (working now).

It seems the last 2-3 seasons that game has been getting more and more buggy, I imagine that has something to do with these characters breaking.

The Masquerade build i’m running creates so much server lag that sometimes it’s unplayable, the rubber banding and full screen of mobs just freezing in place etc… this never happened back in season 20 and earlier. I’ve had numerous full game crashes since s21 too, and never had them before.

Does anyone have any update on this pls?
Just happened to me. Tried to follow the suggested steps for fixing it, now the bloody launche is stuck in a repair loop and won´t even launch the game anymore ;(

Blizzard, HELP pls!

It resolved itself for me, but i’m not sure how others are fairing.

Same issue here; been happening since the season start.

Just happened to me right after I killed a grift guardian.

Losing the loots hurts but I could stomach it, however apparently grift progress only gets saved after you turn it in town, despite your personal record gets saved immediately after killing guardian.

So yeah that just took out my mood for playing the game for the day.

Same issue here. Just froze during a Grift, now I can’t load my heroes. Hope they do something about it during maintenance on Tuesday

Scan and repair seems to have solved the issue for me

I also did a scan and repair, which let me get back into the game. However, all the items I had picked up during that session disappeared from my inventory and stash. Probably they hadn’t been updated yet. My third Haedrig’s Gift was still in my mail; I’m very glad I hadn’t yet picked it up.

Happened to me not so long time ago, fixed it by closing the game and killing every processes linked to D3 (blizzard update agent,, …) inside the task manager