Game crash and return to Windows


Asia region
Solo Tier 90 Greater Rift   :frowning:   thankfully playing softcore…
No warning anything was amiss… crashed to Windows suddenly when I clicked a pylon

I’ve done lots of tier 90 gRifts in the last 2 days… no issues…

Thanks you wudijo get that New bug in vidéo:


yeah i have these crashes too, it is starting to get laggy and then either it crashes to desktop or just a secong or two freeze(lag) ; Crash to desktop (8525C79F-1688-4441-BA65-428AF3E1FC26);

running w10 64bit(built 18363), i7 8700 cpu, 32gig ram, syset model z370 hd3.

did not have this issue in s20 haven`t played s21.

The game is literally unplayable with necro lod blood mage build, crashes 20 seconds into the rift, every time. Report ID: 068D4575-9D55-4CE5-BAB4-EB12800690B2. Windows 10 64-bit, i7 6500u.

It’s Korean Windows 10, so I’m translating the message is translated.
Task Manager’s Analysis of the atmosphere.

  1. DIABLO III64.EXE is deadlocked. End the process and resolve the deadlock immediately or wait for the problem to resolve itself.
  2. DIABLO III64.EXE(PID:22308) Thread:4604
    DIABLO III64.EXE(PID:22308) Thread:16128 <<FONT COLOR RED
  3. The standby chain analysis tree displays the processes (root nodes in the tree) that are waiting for other processes to use or use resources (child nodes in the tree) and are required to continue the selected process.

Got the crash a couple of times now! So annoying when the team needs me to push leaderboards! As a trashkiller i have to be there, but yesterday i had like 4 crash in 5 runs! I get different error codes…

Sometimes it crashes with a huge freeze first! like 10-20 seconds freeze and then it goes to windows screen! But mostly it just exits with an error code right away… I have never had any issues like that before

i7 7820x
32 gb 3000mhz ddr4ram
GTX 1080ti

The latest crash code i got was:

I’ve had 3 of these “Application Encountered an Unexpected Error” crashes tonight, on a 2 day old laptop… All were in speed GRs, one was in Battlefields, one was in Plague Tunnels, I can’t remember the third…

Frenzy Barb GR29 Furious Charge, Rage went off and it locked mid way through the rage blast. Softcore this time (tired of losing hardcore ones)

Happens to me daily on WC3 since Reforged. Welcome to the wonderful world of Blizzard! Entertaining with Bugs.

Hi blizzard, what are you doing to fix these crashes and why are you not answering support tickets now? 3 days no response???

Dont make me quit a season I am actually enjoying cause of the crashes.


The last response on this issue is posted in General Discussion… on 1 Dec 2:30 PM PST.

Something is in the pipeline… but there doesn’t seem to be a finalized schedule as far as the deployment of the patch.

rampant crashing in every single rat run party ive been in… its hard enough to keep a group let alone someone CTD every run… i sure hope there is a fix for this soon.

almost always in the first 30 seconds of the run. i rarely crash in the middle of a run. only problem i have in the middle of the run is it likes to hang for 5-10 seconds.

ive never had it happen solo running… its only when im in groups… its EXTREMELY aggrivating.

Unfortunately, the patch fix has been delayed. Hopefully, the patch fix will be deployed sometime next week.

This is a different issue. There is a main thread for it. Some players suggested some workaround in the thread:

As the cause are different from crash, I’m afraid the coming patch may not fix it.

I keep getting them solo with a Frenzy Barb both Hardcore and Soft. Think they have exceeded the programs limits.

Just my opinion, but it seems like all of these complications between both the game and servers could be fixed by a Wow-Like nerf. Please just scale EVERYTHING WAY DOWN and fix all of our problems.

Anyone still having these issues? They seemed to have been resolved a couple days ago, where upon booting the game, it would attempt to load and crash out with no error. Now, SSDD…

No issues here. I’ve been playing on Asia and Americas Region.

I’ve even been able to switch the D3 in-game Graphics Options back to Fullscreen. (If interested, detailed information can be found in the thread linked below. I reported it back in July and this recent hotfix has corrected the issue… finally).

  • No more crash to desktop.
  • Can run in Fullscreen mode again.
  • No freezing. (So far).

All is good. (Knock on wood.   )

Yes, I’ve just crashed to Windows yet again when clicking to see clan list.
Another thread here: Crash to Windows

hi all ,
After a short stop on diablo 3 I decided to reconnect this morning and to my surprise the game crashes again and again with unexpected errors and the return windows without errors. I wonder if it has been a month since the season started and the patch was released, we will be able to play without errors or return to windows.
One month that a lot of players are complaining about the instability of the game and all we have as a solution is to post dxdiag and msinfo !! Wake up the problem did not come from us.
A perspective to have a game that works without errors soon or late … very late?
Thank you

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