Game constantly freezing for 5-7 seconds at a time

This has never happened until this season, but say in the course for a 3min rift run it will happen 2-3 times. Very very annoying. How do I fix this? I did some research and I guess it’s a sound thing? My sounds and music are unable so not checked. And sound channel is at 16 so lowest and the other 2 are default. Do I need to delete a file or replace one to.make this stop? I don’t play with music or sound so idc.

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This has been happening to me when using the wizard. Firebird / COE. I saw some reports on it last season but not sure if it was ever fixed. I cant even do rifts over 80 because of the constant freezing. Someone said something about disabling sound but that has done nothing. Already died a few times because of this and its super frustrating.

Disabling sound in game does not work, you have to replace fmodex.dll with one from another blizz game. That is the only way to disable sound and cure the bug. Blizzard have not discussed this bug since last july so dont expect them to be fixing it either

i hop on every season level enough to start speed clearing 80+ grifts , once i start getting the freeze i stop playing til next season. unfortunately it hasnt been fixed in several seasons

fingers crossed: PTR Pop-Up | Focus on Freezing Issue - PTR NOW LIVE!